Gear Up For The Battlefield

Yay was waiting for a blackwidow

If you’re curious what switches the BlackWidow comes with, here’s an FAQ.

Refurbished headphones, hm.

Been looking for a deal on a monitor for a while, realized Amazon had an identical refurb, for a much better price.

edit: jk its not identical. Just the same size.

How are the prices on PC?

There is quite a bit of difference between the GW monitor (which we love) and the gaming monitors on the sale. Besides the speed of the monitors, and lower lag time - there are also other features such as BlackEqualizer that enables you to see better in dark areas of the map - and the scaling functions that the pro’s like where you can reduce the image size on the screen during competition (less time to look from one side to the other). There are other features as well - but you can look those up or check out the gamer blogs.

What’s the point of having a big monitor if you’re just going to make the game window small again?

Good Question. It turns out that for the guys who do compete on games a living, they practice on the larger screen sizes to get familiar with the map details, and then compete on the smaller size since they know the maps inside and out. They claim they can “see more” on the smaller screen. Rather than make a bunch of different screen sizes to fit all the different pro’s - we added a high end scaler to provide pixel lever accuracy no matter what the screen size. That way the pro’s can scale it to whatever size they play on without having to change monitors. I didn’t believe the story until I was at one of the big ESEA and MLG tournaments and talked to the winners, who said it was one of the features they really liked. Most people never use the feature (or practice gaming for over six hours per day) - but for those who are at that level - they love it.

From the previous iBUYPOWER sale on Woot 2 weeks ago, I think the consensus was that the prices for the PC’s are very close to what you would pay if you bought the parts and built it yourself.

In the past I have calculated it out and they do line up fairly close with the prices of the parts themselves.

For instance, the I5 computer in this sell costs $1000 here. When making the same computer on, the total comes out to around $1080 after rebates.

For a comparison, please see the top link for the I5 in this sell, and the PCpartpicker build which should be close in comparison. (parts which were not found via pcpartpicker or were not named were replaced with similar parts at similar prices - applies for the Mouse, CPU, memory (HDD/RAM), PSU, and wireless card).

Woot’s deal:

PCpartpicker comparable build

Therefore the prices are pretty good on these computers (atleast for the one I posted). My only complaint is that you cannot customize it better to your personal needs. Still the posted computer is a great all around build and if I wasnt such a poor med student I would be interested. (although that is one very pricey SSD at 200, you can get a 120gb for 100 which is what I suspect they paid).


What are your thoughts on the Gunnar glasses? Think they are worth it?

If you have a glossy screen the gunnar glasses might be worth it.

The Tiamat headphones are the most comfortable pair I’ve worn. They sound good as well, but I mean… there for low quality voice coms.

I’ve got the Gunnar glasses and I love them. There are many independent reviews out there (just do a google search) and they all say that the glasses are worth the buy–IF you already have issues with headaches/burney eyes/dryness etc. If your eyes are perfectly fine, not worth the money. If you have issues, yes worth the money.

As for the Razer Anansi & the Nostromo, I’m using both right now for WoW raiding (both purchased as refurbs through Woot, in fact). The keyboard is pretty sweet. I really like the feel of it; I know it’s not mechanical, but it feels like one, all nice and clicky. High quality. The Nostromo takes some time to get used to. In the end, I had to draw a map to show which numbers on the cast bar were assigned to which key. The learning curve is bigger than with, say, a Steelseries MercStealth keyboard, but the software support is so much better from Razer. I’ve only tried out one macro on the Nostromo, but it works just fine.

Finally, the Razer synapse 2.0 software is niiiiiiiiice. It’s really easy to use and intuitive, and you don’t need any manuals to figure it out and get going right away. Lovely. I recommend all three.

Love YOU bro. Thanks for the helpful story / explanation! :slight_smile: yeah people esp. love Benq in the CS 1.6 community!

I’d go with something like this over both.

Overclockable CPU and better GPU. Win8 is also a better OS, and there’s a guy on reddit that sells legitimate Win8 keys for ~$40.

This might go without saying, based on earlier posts, but iBuyPower rigs seem to offer an incredible value.

I’ve been following MaximumPC for 10 years or more and have a real trust for the writers there. When reviewing the iBuyPower Erebus (which admittedly is not one of the systems on sale here but bear with me), Gordon Mah Ung said the following:

“We used to say that iBuypower should really be named iStealpower, because we’ve never understood how the company can sell such well-configured systems for such low prices.”

(the review is here:

Tie that in with a 9.2 rating on Reseller Ratings ( and you get the picture.

It’s very hard to get a system of the caliber that they are building at the price, and when you throw a warranty on top of that, it really creates a excellent value. I have not yet purchased a PC from them, but I think that I will be when I am ready for my next upgrade. At minimum, it will make a good base to start if I determine I need a specific part or two to “make it mine”.

So if value for your money is a big consideration, I say pull the trigger!

I have been reviewing computer gaming hardware since 98, I worked at Dell in the late 90s, and I build custom gaming PCs and unlike the Ibuypowers, I don’t use the cheapest case, power supply, and motherboard available. I cringe every time someone brings in an iBuypower, or Alienware, and tell them sorry they had to put up with that piece of overpriced crap for so long. Do yourself a favor, and build your own box, or find a local gaming PC builder who will actually care about you as a customer.

For those who are wondering what the difference is between the two BenQ 120Hz monitors, the answer is pretty simple.

The two monitors share the same panel, with the more expensive one being specifically designed for Nvidia 3D gaming, while the other is Nvidia 3D compatible. The TX actually has the emitter built into the monitor and will play 3D on any console or PC just by plugging into the HDMI port. The less expensive “T” version will support a external emitter, but is designed around the CS and other high speed platforms where most of the pro’s play and practice in 2D. Bottom line - if you want to play wearing glasses and getting the full NVidia effect without extra hardware, the TX version is the one you want. If you are CS player or rarely play with glasses - you want the T. Hope that helps!