GearWrench 6-PC Ratcheting Set

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GearWrench 6-PC Ratcheting Set
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Why would we want a metric set of tools? While some of us may own cars built in another country, American cars and trucks do not use the metric system.

Many American cars now do use metric. Last 3 I owned did.

Uhhh… almost every American car has used metric since the early 2000s…stuck in a time warp?

Live and learn. I haven’t worked on my cars since I started leasing my cars more than 15 years ago. Sorry about that folks.

I believe there may be a car or two on the road built in Germany or Korea, and possibly one from Japan, too.

My 1994 Saturn built in Spring Hill, Tennessee was all metric, and so was my son’s 1992 Saturn.

And you see where that got them, didn’t you? Test driven that 2014 Saturn yet?