GearWrench Hand Tools

I have their ratcheting combo wrench set in SAE already. It’s nice.

I’d like a metric set now…

lol yea, give me metric.

yes metric would be great!

smokin deal on the x-beam wrenches. too bad we don’t get a metric set.

Wow, I didn’t expect such a call out for metric on these. I work for the manufacturer and set these deals up.

Don’t worry guys! I will try to set up a few more events that feature Metric sets.


woot, include the allen wrenches too :smiley:

Nothing more useless to me than sae impact tools…would have loved a cheap set of sockets and combo wrenches for the trunk.

I am actually very excited about sae.
I just 2 days ago scored a full set of metric Xbeam wrenches at sears on mega clearance for $19 I didnt have a clue where I was going to find a good deal on a SAE set and here it is!!! :slight_smile:

SAE, yuck.

Since the company is watching the comments. Would like to see the indexing pry bars and maybe some of the big tap and die sets on a future event.

If the Torx bit set were allen bits instead, I’d jump on it.

I don’t have a clue why or when someone would use a quarter inch drive impact socket.

Yes, please add Metric Ratcheting wrenches next time. Most cars & trucks have metric fasteners…thanks!

20 piece ratcheting wrench set means 7 wrenches and a bunch of screw driver bits??

Once the deals are set up for Metric sets, I’m in!

We’ll take a look! Appreciate the feedback.


As the company is watching comments…

How about a coupon for a 6-pack of quality beer also, with each tool set sold…

Just a thought…

Actually, thanks for the deals… Snagged the torx set and the magnetic set. I have the Gearwrench magnetic spark plug socket and it is a godsend on DOHC engines.

Actually would like to see a big SAE set of reversible ratcheting wrenches… I have the metric set already and love it, but would like a SAE set for my older American and British iron.

I’d like to second the request for a big tap and die set!