GearWrench: Heartwrenchingly Passionate

Is any of the stuff made in the US (I highly doubt it), or at the very least not made in China?

Hi there! Manufacture Rep. here. We are working with the Woot team to get the country of origin listed. These are all made either in China or Taiwan. Great quality tools though, I checked through the sample order myself!

check on amazon for some of this stuff.

Only 1 year warranty?
I though GearWrench had lifetime warranty.

I’m confirming with our buyers. I’ll update you when I hear back.

[Edit: vendor has confirmed to us and below, there is a lifetime warranty!]

I own GearWrench tools, two sets of standard wrenches, one set of metric, and a 75-piece tap & die set. The wrench sets I’ve had for around 9-10 years I think, and they still work perfectly. Absolutely excellent tools, I use them all the time, they are perfect and I love using them. The tap & die set I’ve had for probably 6-7 years, still perfect, haven’t had a tap lose teeth yet, and I’ve threaded them through some pretty tough materials. I’m a maintenance mechanic, have been for roughly 26 years, and I know tools very well. You can not go wrong buying GearWrench tools.

No, I don’t work for GearWrench, but if anybody over there is listening, I could use some free tools…

Nice! I do work for the company that makes GearWrench. Happy to hear you like our stuff. I got a sample for ya, just come to Seattle!

Yes! You are correct. Lifetime warranty on GearWrench. Please update mr. wootbot! I just sent a message to Noah confirming the warranty

Don’t worry, I’ve got my Christmas list all ready to go. All I need now is to find a new job and I’m all set…

So I ordered one each metric and SAE tap & die set. I received the metric set in a timely manner, but it appears the SAE set simply vanished. No response from woot support, delivery confirmed only one package. I’m at a loss. Anyone else having issues with similar particulars? Any GearWrench reps. know anything about supply issues? I’m achin for my tools!

I’m having a similar problem. I ordered two items (the adjustable wrench set and the ratcheting wrench bit set).

The adjustable wrenches arrived quickly in good order, but I have had no word on the ratcheting wrench bit set… no tracking, no reply from support when I emailed them about it.

Alright, I’m not alone… I feel your pain. So now how do we follow up? I’ve made an obnoxious amount of attempts through the support page, tried calling the Carrollton, TX “office” (0 for operator is not a valid ext), and verified through USPS that there IS NOT another package. Woe is we.

Hey manhandsha - anything you can do to help mechanicsc and myself (sweetboo) with our gearwrench order woes? Refer to posts beginning 12-10. Thanks in advance.

Well I am following up with my wallet… it is closed to Woot until I get a status.

I’m so sorry for the trouble. I’ve passed info along, you’ll hear from someone soon.

I just got an email saying my order was cancelled, with no explanation as to why.

Haven’t seen a refund though.

Gotta admit, I’ve been wooting a long time (7 years and 215 woots) and the communication on this woot has been terrible. I’ve had issues before and woot was always great as to letting me know what was going on. In this case, I emailed them three times, posted on forum, and never heard a word from anyone… just a blind cancellation.

I guess when Amazon bought woot they didn’t buy the customer service. :frowning:

Well here’s the response I got, 4 hrs ago, from email to support on 12-5-13:
'Hello sweetboo,

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

As odd as it may sound your order is shipping in parts.

At this point we aren’t seeing tracking on the other part. Have you received what is missing yet?

Sorry for the confusion, and the delay on this email response.


Woot Member Services’

No, I have NOT received what is missing. No s#@t its shipping in parts. If you aren’t seeing tracking, how would I have received it? Is it possible to ship these days without tracking? The only confusion is your end… I guess I’m sorry too.
A response that doesn’t tell me anything is just as good as no response at all. Clearly nothing has been done (aside from manhandsha making an attempt at communication). I could’ve “supplemented” the Xmas gift several times over if I only had MY money that is tied up in “the confusion”.
I’m not impressed, still pissed, and haven’t even touched on the other stuff missing from another order.

Please be sure to check in on the “progress”…

I saw emails about this today, so it hasn’t been forgotten. Inventory of the users affected, as well as which items weren’t shipping. I know waiting sucks, but I promise it’s being worked on.