Gecko Bluetooth Smart Tag for iOS

I can’t recommend the Gecko tags; I was an initial backer of the project and none of the 6 I ordered worked as expected.

Glad I read this first!! thanks

Can you detail what did and didnt work?

Do not buy they don’t work. The pet tag couldn’t find the dog in the next room. The camera cord was didn’t fit my camera (cannon). The app is all fluff and no code; I can connect via bluetooth to the app but that’s really all. The application was so basic that any first time (first year) coder could have done it.

The tags simply aren’t reliably be found by any device I own. One didn’t even turn on.

I couldn’t get my phone to even download the app. Said it didn’t work with my Samsung SIII

Sorry to hear that your tag isn’t working.

Please check the Gecko Support Page for assistance in resolving the issue.
You should still carry the 1 Year Gecko Warranty.

If you have any further questions regarding your order, please feel free to email into