Geek Crest



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after March 31st


cool, congrats ! In for one…


Dana Paskiewicz & MJ this is hilarious! My hubby loves this shirt!


Congrats on the daily, gf! =D


GeekFactor and Cousin Dana, right? Another designing duo! Congratulations on the daily!


I can’t decide. Half of me really likes it and the other half thinks I am crazy.


Totally sweet d00d I got 1 :smiley:


Reminds me of L’express shirts only not something I would ever wear.


…I kindof like it. But I don’t know if I’m geek enough to earn the right to wear the crest.


Cool design but colors are terrible. Put it on black with some red and we may have something.


my issue is, I don’t eat fast food. The ps controller and the comp are spot on.


Exactly…Green and Yellow…good way to spoil a good design


So much was left out…


I got it… I don’t have a green shirt, never even wore one… think this is a great chance with a decent design. I’m buying more shirts now cause i have the patience to use the free shipping… but it takes over a week to get to california!


Whooo Hoooo MJ! i knew my senses were right in thinking you were awesome. ;j


snickers I was having a talk with my sister earlier this evening about how much of a geek I am. 28 yrs old, currently (and for a while, by choice) dateless. The convo went something like this:

A commercial for comes on. She claims, jokingly, that she’s going to put me up on it.

Sis: “Antisocial Nerd seeks like individual”
Me: middle finger comes out while smiling
Sis: “Must be into role playing… and we’re not talking about the bedroom kind”

She got me… I had to start laughing at that :slight_smile:


Oh my god get over it…no one with a credit card should be wearing a shirt like that anyway


I like it! People will glance at it and think it’s a serious shirt, yet geeks will easily spot it out and love it!


The only thing keeping me from this shirt is the god awful color