Geek Grind Whole Bean Coffee, 12oz 3 Pk

Geek Grind Whole Bean Coffee, 12oz 3 Pk

$20 / lb this better be grrrrrreeaaaattttt! Pass.

Not to be nitpicky, but isn’t more like $18/lb?

Either way, I agree that it’s too expensive. And considering that we’re supposedly saving $20 off the original price… That really is some fantasy coffee.

Is this roast to order?

Hey Woot: Unable to purchase; still 6 hours to go. Whatsup?

This is an App Only sale, so please try on the Woot App!

Per the vendor:

We do what we call “Origin Production” so we grow, harvest, roast, and ship directly from the mountains of Colombia. This allows us to roast incredibly fresh beans right from our own farms and also provides about 3X the value to the local farmers. It is a much better way to “do” coffee. Far beyond what “Fair Trade” delivers the farmers. That is because local roasters only purchase dry green coffee beans from Colombia at commodity (low) pricing. We work with the Colombian farms to finish a final roasted product and then rush directly to our customers. Our hundreds of 5 star reviews tell us it is good! Our happy farmers and production families in Colombia tell is it is great and fair business too!

What’s the percentage of geeks ground up per bag?

Got it; thanks!