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The photos for the Rosewood and Cherrywood iPhone 5 cases are swapped in the Woot store. According to GeekCook, the Cherrywood is the darker color with tighter grain shown in Woot’s “Rosewood” listing. I purchased the “Cherrywood” from woot today, expecting the true dark Cherrywood in the mail and not the erroneously shown Rosewood photos.

Hmmm, that’s the way the photos were noted to us by the vendor. We’re double checking. Please stand by.

UPDATE: Well dagnabbit, the vendor swapped the photos they sent to us. We’re working on fixing ours. The ones on Geekcook are correct.

Anyone know if the iPhone 5 cases here will fit the 5S? (worried about the camera and speaker holes, specifically.)

Should be fine, everything is in the same spot between the two phones, so iPhone 5 cases are compatible with the 5s.

Just to confuse things: they can call it whatever they want, but the lighter wood with darker bands is cherry, I work with it a lot and most of my furniture is trimmed in cherry.
The darker reddish wood could be any of a number of tropical woods, including rosewood, but it is definitely not cherry. Woodworking geeks they aren’t, apparently.

More images of the wall clock can be seen here, where it was being sold for about 17 bucks if you bought 30 at a time.

These are really nice. I prefer the slider cases to the snap on kind, since the slider cases protect the corners of the phone a lot better. Glad to see they offer both types.

The lamp is extremely stylish and attractive. It’s a little small though and looks like it uses a small xenon bulb, so you won’t actually get that much light out of it. But it is pretty.

I really like the look of the wooden iphone cases, but am concerned by the cutouts that I wouldn’t be able to fit 3rd party headphones with a right-angle plug through that little headphone jack hole, (at least from the shots of the bamboo one, since these parts arent shown on the ‘wood’ cases). Also, it looks like it would make using the volume buttons difficult, as they would be fairly inset. This would be a pain for me, because I use this as a camera shuter button most of the time. Can anyone chime in on this?

What is Woot’s return policy if I got one of these and it didnt work out for me??

have a yard sale.

Can anyone tell what size laptop will fit into the backpack? It gives the dimensions of the bag but I don’t see anything describing the pocket.

The Omni Directional Wall Clock is actually cheaper on the geekcook website.

Shhhhh… Be careful. The only way you’ll get recognized for a “quality post” nowadays is to thoughtlessly post a link to an innocuous, noncontroversial review concerning the product being offered, or just mindlessly rave about the “great deal” that woot is offering.