GeekCook Goodies

Anyone know how much protection those wooden iPhone cases provide?

edit: they appear to be the older version of the ones they sell here.
Looks like they added rubber around the case for extra protection.

Oops, I think the Vader clock is supposed to be in the Star Wars sale…

I picked this case up last time woot had it. It was a surprising show of great craftsmanship and the wood grain and feel is awe-inspiring. That being said, after about a month of normal usage the clear finish over the wood on the sides (where your hands would hold it) were noticeably wearing down to less smooth real unsealed wood grain. That would have been acceptable by itself, but then I dropped it. Being real wood, and pretty thin at that, it easily chipped a corner. This happened once or twice before the corners became too sharp to easy get it in and out of my pocket without catching on the fabric. Had to retire it for an Apple leather case :frowning:

GeekCook 7900013 NexTep Backpack - is it made of wool or wool blend?

If not, what is it?

elsewhere I find it listed as ‘cotton felt’. Also it means you have NO waterproofing whatsoever.

It’s sharp looking…but I’ll stick with my yakpak.

I clicked in just to see what the cool looking bottle of stuff was in the teaser pic, but it’s apparently so cool that it’s not even for sale.

Based on how itchy it makes me whenever it touches my skin, I am guessing wool of some kind. It holds up pretty well (I bought it on the previous Woot sale) and I get tons of compliments, so I put up with the itchiness. It also holds my Asus Zenbook laptop and all accessories perfectly!

Does anyone know where the forklift in the picture can be found? It looks like a die or laser cut kit. I have done some searching for it but have not come up with anything yet. It may be something the company used to sell but does not sell now.

I assembled the old fashioned lamp the other day, works great! Word of advice, don’t test if the wiring works before assembling. It took me more time to undo the wiring to run it through the guide holes than assembling the lamp.