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With Davebug/Luke’s non-job-related site,, languishing, broken, at the bottom of their to-do list, Dave suggested we move our discussion of real life weekend plans to the Woot! boards. Apologies to those who don’t give a damn - please move on to other comment boards to continue your bitching about server lag.

People of Geeklife and anyone else who’s still reading: what are you doing this weekend? Me, I’d like to eat some dinner with interested people in the St. Louis metropolitan area this evening. Tomorrow I was thinking perhaps of having people over to barbeque and play yard games such as washers, croquet, and wiffleball, beginning in the late afternoon/early evening. I invite the Internet. I hear the Gentleman Callers are playing some big show at the Pageant tonight, and a not-as-big show at Little Nikki’s Saturday.

What are you doing this weekend, and can we join you?


“We’ll probably get a few crazies in there”…that’s quite the understatement, davebug.

If I hadn’t spent all my cash on last night’s woot () I’d fuel up my FalconEX and head to Fenway and watch the Yanks kick some a$$. Guess I’m left to wander the streets of Manhattan, looking for trouble.

Have a great one Coral and geeklifers to come.


Hi, everyone. I am interested in the Woot Life.

Otherwise, not much. R and I went to the Muny last night so we were no shows at the Royale opening. Was it as fun as I think it probably was!?!

Fri: Happy Woot
Sat: Fuzzball and some other b-b-q, but only for a while. We are probably in for a Mr. and Mrs. Corel b-b-q.
Sun: Indoors hockey early in the morning, whatever else.

If anyone remembers correctly, I have JARTS. Nighttime Jarts, y’all!


By the way, this is just a ploy so that Dave can make us all sign up for Woot.

Down with motherfucking Woot!!!


Hooray, a weekend where I will have some hours that I’m not working!

Plans for this weekend:
Tonight: Dinner with friends and random Wooters who hear about where we’re eating dinner (Thai Cafe?).

Tomorrow: Picking up Godzilla and my wedding rings! (Yes, eavesdroppers, I am marrying Godzilla.) Yard games sound fun, especially if 600 St. Louis-area Wooters just show up. I request we listen to the Cardinals game while all that goes on. I might be up for a GC show that night, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them.

Sunday I’ll be playing some roller hockey. Sunday afternoon will likely be laundry folding, trash taking out, and kitty litter box cleaning, while watching the Cards game. Following that, I will become a magnificent barbarian sabotaging a local town’s defenses to prepare for my homeland’s impending naval invasion. Also, I’ll be playing some D&D.

Monday, I will be back here, making different Woot skins for people who mysteriously dislike puke and diarrhea color schemes.


Though Thai Cafe is convenient for those considering going to the GC show, may I selfishly suggest something, anything else, since I’ve been eating leftover King’n’I food for the past 2 days. Are there any other good places in the Loop/West End where we can get seating? Is anyone actually planning on doing both Happylife and the GC show?

Lime: Royale opening - mosquito-ridden. Somebody who knows Steve should recommend the purchase of numerous anti-mosquito devices for the patio area.

Dave: How many Wooters are there actually in the St. Louis area? Do you guys keep stats on that type of thing?


K, I know y’all take this seriously so…
tonite, a quick dinner @ EJ’s Luncheonette…care to join us? Followed by the hated Yanks/Red Sux on tv.

Sat morn, soup kitchen duty, followed by annoying household chores, interrupted by the need to make hourly woot posts. More baseball…summers in the city are really quiet, so I should probably get out more.

Sunday will be the weekly bbq @ a friend’s in the neighbourhood, dogs invited (laptops, too). Maybe a walk in Central Park.

Um, I’m not in St Louis, but my dad grew up there, so can I post here…or is it local activities only?


208, at least. Probably more, since that’s only counting people who have saved ship-to addresses.


All are welcome. It’d be cool if this sort of thing caught on with the general populous here.


All are welcome. It’d be cool if this sort of thing caught on with the general populous here.[/quote]
Ty, now I’ll be your scapegoat anytime.


There’s already a Wooter with the username Newman. Damn.

I’m up for festivities tonight/this weekend, too. Especially those that involve somewhat dangerous yard games.


I, too, have broken down and signed on, though I do not need a projector, as my 25 year old television still more or less works.

  • I will go to the GC Pageant show, provided a certain bandmate of mine remembers to put me on the guestlist.

  • I vote, if we are feeling like we can afford it, we try Mirasol, which is yummy and near where I need to be later.

  • Saturday I work, and will enjoy Onion Parties after.

  • Sunday I work–free art projects at the Saint Louis Art Museum from one to four(for any interested Wooters out there), then hopefully Bunnygrunt will have returned from their ridiculously long tour and I can kiss my fella. Then I will listen to said fella spin rekkids at the Halo Bar–I believe he is going for an all-metal set.


Mirasol’s web page

I will probably not actually eat, where ever we decide.


i also enjoy the geeklife.

but on my good days… i’ll cruise over and have some din at the top of the space needle. then hang out in the city center to have a coffee and watch the water fountain.
after i will go to a mariners game… for the halibut


tonight: figured i’d hang out in the forums with the rest of you losers that don’t have any friends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

saturday: probably sleep in more than usual and lurk the forums

sunday: more forum lurking

monday: back to work, where i… lurk the forums…

a GC pageant sounds like just what i need. [:^)]


GC, any chance you’ll find time between lurking sessions to provide entertainment in the form of more sparkler bombs?


ah, that’s a possibility. i still promised my dad we’d make him one.

if anyone else in/around/passing through my area in arkansas wants to stop by, we can make an even bigger one… and if that’s gonna happen, donations would be appreciated since i’m still paying the bill for those last two cases of sparklers. [:O]

i know i sound like a cheap bastard when i say that, but you’d feel the same way if you saw your multi-hundred-dollar investment literally blow up in about 7 seconds.

if no one else wants to come, maybe i can build another small one and just zoom way in like i did on the last one. [:P]


Tonight, I’ll probably join Penny Gadget for a drink at the Royale to celebrate her visiting brother and her vanquished writing gig. The GC pageant sounds like it will be a fun time for all. I’m too broke to go.

Tomorrow, I may possibly turn gay as sara is trying to put together a field trip to Manchester Ave. If’n I stay in the closet, I’ll probably wish Kopper a happy birthday with the gentl’n call’rs.

Last night’s Royale opening was rad! I got there late as I was spending the better part of my evening hanging out in ferguson. Sorry to all the people I missed.


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