**Geeky little challenge #1 - SOLVED!!!!**


Click here to begin.

First person to pm me the filename you get once you log in wins a prize!

EDIT: Congrats to kandh07!!!


Keep going! Once you figure it out, I will give you a prize, albeit one slighty less cool.


Um, they want me to log in swiftly. No clue what they want.


:slight_smile: grin


What the heck is that? Sounds like someplace we don’t want to log into.


it’s a game


Ok. I think. Then you need some guys that will log onto anything.


Haha, it is seriously a game… The guy that is writing it up has opened it up for us to start fiddling with it… make sure his code is good.

The point is to login. :slight_smile:


seems kinda shady to me…


You’ve been a member for almost two years and this is your second post? This is what you consider important enough to post on? Tell us more.



What she really means is
Welcome jeff_a_10487!


You’re like the press secretary that stays behind to fix all the gaffes made by the president. LOL.


She’s good at putting a spin on something.


She’s good at putting a spin on something.

That wasn’t a gaffe, just sheer astonishment.


No, poof is cranky tonight. So am I.
Just didn’t want poor jeff to get run off by our crankiness !
Actually I always wonder what makes people who have been around a long time suddenly decide to post.
Btw, jeff, we like zilla. May not trust him, but we do like him.




Sure, sneak a perfectly normal post in before mine, and then tell woot to send me on some wild goose chase trying to get back! Make me sound even crankier than I am!

I’m going to feed Splinter, which I shouldn’t have to do since his owner is home (in theory, I have no clue where he is), and then I’m going to bed. Unless I don’t.




Who the he!! is swarm and why do they want to be aware of me?
I know I’m not an active deployment cast member!
What are you trying to make us do?!?!!?!?


How good is the prize?


It’l be fantastic!