Geigerrig Hydration Domination Station



I hope I never run into the situation where I have pee in my hydration pack and filter it, but it’s good to know I have the option. lol


I’m not sure I need an entire hydration pack. On the other hand, if you sold just the bladders with tubes, I could be persuaded to buy one to use with my hydration-ready hiking backpack!


I got the 700 based on this review… It shows testing of the bag for hiking, running and cycling.

Check out this review


i’m in for 3.
one for me, one for the wife, one for the kid.
because 70oz of cold water in the backpack is better than carrying bottles around for festivals and stuff.

plus my 7 year old camelpak is… well, 7 years old!


But what’s that in human years?


Anyone watch that video. There is something going on with that woman and the owner of the company. It’s just weird.


mehhh got the 70oz for 80$ last time and now they have a cool camo 100oz for the same price! Fail.


Does anyone know if this filter can be used with a camelback hydration system?


Does anyone have any experience running with the Rig (smallest pack)? Does the pack fit snuggly, work well for long runs?


I have several hydration packs. Some name brand and some not. I am liking the idea of having a pump to pressurize the pack somewhat. And the idea of putting it in the dishwasher is just icing on the cake. I just hope it holds up well to use as I am not sure where to get replacement parts…especially locally.


I got the “The Rig” pack in my last BOC, and I love it. Wish I would have seen this earlier however and gotten the filter. Water up here in the U.P. is not the best tasting.


Anyone use these for cycling? The water bottles I have only carry so much…


I just bought the hydration bladder and filters at Costco, they had a booth there. Used the bladder for hunting this weekend. Works as advertised, like it a lot. I played with the filter, plugging it in and such. Fits snuggly. The attachment points are all industry standard now, you can take hoses off other bladders if you like them better, assuming they have the same attachment style. The filter also fits on other bladders.

Woot, you’re sold out on filters, get more, I’ll take a case of them. I paid $22 for the filters at Costco, and ~$30 for the bladders.

/I bought four bladders, one for a hunting buddy, one for me, one for my wife, and a spare.


I’ve ran with mine a few times and it’s pretty decent. Being pressurized is amazing (I hated when the Camelbak got low and really took a hard pull to get a drink).

About the only issue I have is that it can slosh quite a bit. With a fair amount of adjusting the straps I can get it to ride stable, but it also requires that you leave it inflated which can feel a little strange.

Overall it’s awesome to run with–but still has a couple little issues.


Got the 1200 last time on Woot and have never had a better backpack or bladder. Picked up another for my father-in-law since he likes mine so much. Also got the filters that I missed out on last time (and NO, they cannot be used with any other system as they require the pressure)

All pressurized up, it’ll shoot water about 3 feet out if you want.

Seriously, get 1 if you have any use for a hydration pack ever.


Like some other folks, still looking for reviews for mountain bikers and trail riders…

For hikers, there are three fairly thorough reviews of the 700 here:


I have a Rig, it is a great upgrade to my Camelback. I take it on 5 mile runs and smile as I splash my face with water the Rig engine powers. Nice at the park, able to erin or splash and clean my hands. Easy to load and clean. This is a great hydration pack, best ever.


Do these come with the 2012/2013 skull candy adventure passes?


I bought the Rig the last time these went on sale. As an avid cyclist, it can be a bit challenging to carry water on longer rides.

Having my normal water bottles and the extra two litres with me was a blessing. I don’t think I could have done several trips without them.

The power bulbs are what make these so great. If you’re already winded, you don’t have to take extra energy, just to get water. Just a few pumps on the power bulb and you’ve got a constant stream of water. It’s great for not only quenching your thirst, but also for helping to cool down on the warmer days.

My advice: pick one up now before they’re gone. Mine was worth every penny!

The only thing I would have done differently would have been to buy one with a bit more storage capacity. The Rig is great for your ID, keys and some cash/credit card, but not much else. If I were to buy another one, I’d opt for the Rig 500.