Geigerrig: Hydration Packs To The Max

Hydrate or die. No, really. But how well do they compare to the ever popular Camelbak?

These are great to fill up with Rum and Coke when you go to a football game.

They pay for themselves!

I bought one last time they were there, I have an osprey, camelbak, and a wenzel, this one by far is my favorite and all around best of the lot.

Features I really like compared to the other packs:

Quick disconnects, you don’t have to remove the drinking tubes from the pack to fill up, just the bag.

Bag is the easiest to empty and fill and put ice in, side top has never leaked on me and way faster.

Pressurized, is awesome, I mostly use it for biking so when you are the thirsty and winded, you definitely don’t feel like sucking water up through the tube.

Pack material seems heavier more tear resistant.

I grabbed one of these the last time they were on the site. Most of the “outdoor gear” review sites place this at the same level or higher than the cammelbaks. The big deal here is that you can pressurize the bladder and the water actually squirts out. this way if you need to wash out your eyes, clean out a cut, or share water without the other person/dog putting their mouth on the valve. Also, I’ve read that the cammelbaks will leave the last few ounces at the bottom of the bladder (due to the hose placement).

Hope this helps.

I agree with what everyone else is saying. I got one of these in the Back to School BOC’s, and it is awesome. Also, if you are in a college dorm, it doubles as a squirt gun no one knows about…

But seriously, its great. It’s one of those things that I had never thought about needing, but now that I have, it makes life so much easier.

I just wish you guys had the in-line filters this time around, I missed them last time.

In for the 700 and 1600. Just wish you had the filters as well, guess I will wait until the next go around. Now to off load my old Camelbak.

Would the 1600 be overkill for use primarily on day hikes of 6-12 miles?

edit; Also, anyone with a 1600 or 1200 that can comment if the side pockets on either are capable of holding a Nalgene bottle or Klean Kanteen?

I’m always of the opinion more water is always better than not having enough.

I bought this model last time they were up on here and I just got back from using it today actually while hiking!

The backpack is small, with a full water bladder there isn’t really room for anything else if you’re planning on packing a lunch.

The hose that attaches to the pump for the air pressure pops out a lot when running/climbing. Causes a sudden hiss in your ear that can be startling if you no likey snakes. And every time this happens you have to stop, put the hose back in, and then pump it back up.

The pack itself is nice and durable, good buckles to keep it snug. Very lightweight which is always nice.

The mouth piece isn’t as great as they made it sound in my opinion. You got to bite down on it for the water to “spray.” It’s not really a spray, more of a leak, even if the pack is pressurized.

Overall, I would have gone with a camelback if I could go back. Easier to find parts, filters, and accessories.

I sent an email in to Geigerrig’s customer support when I first got this a month or two ago and they still have not replied.

Thanks for the info. Which model do you have?

This is particularly pertinent, and cruel, to sell on Yom Kippur.

did anyone get their filter and/or insulated housing from the last sale yet? :frowning:

Was just about to ask the same. Both have still not shipped, although I’ve had my pack (1200) for a few weeks (and love it!).

or when you go for a hike

Yeah, still ‘awaiting shipping’ too. I bought the 700 and 1600, they’re fantastic, phenomenal build quality! I was debating on the 1200 vs 1600 for quite awhile :slight_smile:

I bought a 1200 the last time they were available and have been very pleased with it. I used it this past weekend while hiking for a good four hours. I keep well hydrated and probably only used 20% of the water I had in the bladder. When I got home, I tossed it back in the fridge for the next time I head out.

If you are thinking of getting one of these, don’t waste time debating, just buy it. :slight_smile:

I saw some comments on available pack space outside the bladder - I presume this is the difference between the 500 and 700?

I’ve been looking for an explanation to what the voucher in that passport is… anyone know?

Checking the Geigerrig site it looks like it is a coupon book for various outdoor resorts. Things like free lift tickets, day passes, etc.