Geigerrig Hydration Packs

These packs are amazing. I have a Rig 1200 but just picked up a 700 so I can have a smaller bag when i am going trail running. The 1200 is perfect for throwing a lunch, jacket, etc for a day hike.

best backpacks I’ve ever owned (have the rig, 700, 1200). Use the rig for mountain biking and I’ve done a complete back flip (landing square on the pack), go up no injuries, the pressurized water bag softened the blow plus the hard plastic back protector saved me. AND THE BAG DIDN’T EVEN BREAK

Have a question about this:
“After each use fill your hydration bladder with clean water and flush the filter. After you flush the water filter, empty the water out of the filter by filling the bladder with air and force the air through the filter. Allow 24 hours to dry and store in a cool dry place”

So does it mean after a day of using the filter, to clean it or does it mean that after each fill up I would have to clean the filter?

I would do it after each day of use, not each time. The full 24 hours drying time is also probably only necessary if you’re not going to be using it for a while.

Question for someone AT Woot. From the image this looks like a TACTICAL 700, not a RIG 700 based on the Geigerrig website. Can you clarify? vs.

Does the rig comes with the Spartan Race High Adventure Passport?

Yeah it looks like the one in the picture on woot, just got mine today. Very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and attention to details. Can tell there have been some improvements from past geigerrig designs

Nope, just the bag and the 2L bladder engine