Geigerrig Hydration Packs

Someone please tell me how the armor is ever going to matter? I think bears like to chew on legs and arms anyway. I don’t think the guys in the video realize how silly that looks. I’m really trying to find a purpose. Maybe if you endo on you bike and land on your back? I don’t get it.

I think the armor references are not for ursine threats, but more as a ‘selling point’ to those who may require body armor as regular work related safety gear. Spoken as one who used to have such needs, and would certainly never consider them adequate protection against bears. It’s a hydration pouch… it provides water. For anti-bear solutions, ask your friendly neighborhood park ranger for tips.

No, he means the back armor on the “tactical guardian” model, as shown in this video.

I’m mostly familiar with the brand as being sold on base in the PX, as a camelback alternative. They are definitely targeted towards military, but I’m not sure the woot prices are better than AAFES…

Looks good.Anybody who already bought it in the community?

I bought the rig
model from woot about a year ago for maybe $70 & really like it. Occasionally one of the tubes comes half unlatched when on a ski lift. Not too often though & no water leak or air pressure loss. Mine came with a “passport” (looks like they still do) that was nearly expired but Geigerrig sent me a new one free for this year without me even having to ask for it.