Geigerrig Hydration Packs

As an avid hiker, I’d never get these. they’re just too heavy. I have NEVER had a problem siphoning water out of my hydration system, so the rubber bulb here is just added weight, plus the shells have a lot of extras that add weight and don’t get used. As for the tactical angle… have at it preppers! :slight_smile: Yes… you can put out a fire by ‘squirting’ water on it, or wash out a wound without holding it up (that’s what the bulb is for). I’d prefer having less weight and avoid injury in the first place.

I disagree, the weight added is trivial for the rubber hose and the rubber bulb. The best feature on this is being able to pull the bladder inside out like a sock and put it in the dishwasher. How do you clean your camelback? with those tablets and the bottle brush…right have fun with that. Being able to have the water squirt into your mouth while you are hiking also makes it easier to drink when out of breath since you arent trying to suck through a straw. Can breathe through your nose while the water fills in your mouth. I just did a 12 mile 4000’ hike on MLK day with my Geigerig and wouldnt want to use anything else. I have two different packs, the 700 and the 1200 for longer hikes when i need to bring a lunch or layers. Dont forget the lifetime warranty

If you legs can’t carry a few extra ounces, maybe you should be shopping for a walker instead of a hydration pack.