Geigerrig Hydration

This morning, I used my 700 that I got last month on Woot. Awesome. Couldn’t be happier. Now, Woot, do me a Big, Big favor and offer the Geigerrig Bike RIg Hydration System. Please, pretty please.

Got the Rig 700 as my new Mountain Bike bag last time it was offered here. Absolutely love it! I’ve been using hydration systems for many years but this one simply crushes the mainstream competitor. The ease of cleaning is genius, so is the pressurized spray.

I thought that baby was peeing on the woman’s hand! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can the bladder handle pressure, or is air blown in on demand? Will this maintain 10-20psi on the contained liquid?

It is a dual chamber bladder. Fill the water bladder up and seal and then you squeeze the bulb to add the air pressure to the other bladder. It does maintain the air pressure.

oooooh… Had you been offering just the plain bladder bag I would have jumped on this and been in for a virus filter too! I don’t need an extra backpacks or shoulder bags though, I just need a bladder bag for my kelty backpack!

Good feedback. I’ll see what I can do!

I picked up the Cadence L/XL and have used it for running and biking. I like the pack for biking, not so much for running. I find myself constantly pumping it to keep the pressure up and water flowing. On my last ride, I thought it was empty because no matter how much I pumped it, nothing would come out. It was actually half-full.
I don’t mind dealing with this while biking, but I don’t have the energy or patience for it while running. The bag sloshes a lot when running and the vest is not as meshy as it looks, so it’s hot and heavy.

I picked up the Rig G3 at the last sale. Great construction and innovative design. Also the noisiest damned hydration pack I’ve ever worn while running. It sounded like I was being chased by an army of foot soldiers. Maybe it made me run faster, but it definitely ruined the mood of my peaceful Sunday morning trail run.

Ditto on this. I’m always looking for a better bladder for my camelbak bag. I love the backpack itself though.

What size person do the sm/md g4 Cadence packs fit? Will they fit a woman that’s about 5’6" and quite thin?

I checked out the product page on Geigerrig’s website. It looks like the model is 5’2"/110lbs. From a personal standpoint, I’m 5’6", I’d definitely go with the Sm/Md. It looks like the front straps are adjustable as well.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Any chance you guys can also offer the Bike Rig?

Does anyone know which edition of the passport comes with these? I believe current gen comes with the 6th edition.

I just ordered The Rig and I hope this doesn’t come with an outdated edition with all expired registrations and deals.

If there’s any issue with your order, there’s a Lifetime Warranty from Geigerrig. Check out their Passport FAQs.

You can also reach out to Woot Member Services for support.

The one I received from the last woot sale of these, which was pretty recent, came with an outdated one. If this is the same stock, the book is dead.

I Called the Geigerrig support line and they took care of the oudated passport issue and is shipping me a sixth edition passport. Thanks!

Maybe I’ll do the same. There were a lot of good passes in that book, though I doubt I’d travel the distances needed to avail of most of them.

I noticed this too, but then I realized that if you don’t fill your bag to the top this can happen. To help reduce this push as much of the air out of the liquid bladder bag as possible.

Just noticed this deal. I was thinking how great it would have been to take on my trip to Mexico. Unfortunately I can order it now, but it probably won’t arrive until I’m already on vacation. I’ll probably pick up one of the Virus filters anyway for the purpose of my emergency kit.