Gel Memory Foam 8" Mattress

Gel Memory Foam 8" Mattress

I would like to know how firm the mattress is. Also the provider information on the 15 year warranty.

If you click on that 15 year warranty link, a PDF of Future Foam’s warranty will be downloaded. :slightly_smiling_face:

The firmness would be considered medium.

Is there a return policy on this? I know a lot of mattresses have like a 30 night you can return and get your money back.

Yeah…except I tried to do that once and they fought it hard. First, they will only let you exchange it not do a refund. We went to the mattress store knowing what model we wanted. As you likely know, mattress shopping is notorious for being difficult to comparison shop since they do weird branding and store-exclusive models. Salesperson told us they didn’t have the one we wanted, but said they had a comparable one. It wasn’t the same firmness which we didn’t realize until we slept on it a couple nights and did more research.
I tried to take them up on the “try it 30 days and return it” promise, but they said we’d have to pay the difference of sale price and normal price for a new mattress because we bought it while it was on sale. I think they also wanted to charge us for delivery too.
I had to take that fight to corporate and only won due to the misguided insistence from the salesperson that it was a comparable model to the one we wanted.
We’ve since gave that mattress away to family and are using a cheap memory foam one from amazon. We plan to just buy cheap memory foam ones every couple years rather than go through that crap again.

Good luck returning a foam mattress like this…I’m sure most places will at least expect you to pay for shipping which isn’t going to be easy unless you have a commercial vacuum that can suck all the air out to get it back down to a manageable shipping size. Woot says a flat $50 fee for bulky items, but I don’t know if mattresses qualify for that…