Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow

I have (had) this exact pillow. I can only speak for my unique experience, but it is the direct cause of the neck problems I have. Switching to a different pillow has helped, seeing a chiropractor has helped, but a year after I stopped using it, I still feel neck pain. FWIW.

Not sure if this is it (dimensions match), but many many positive reviews here

I have a pillow in this shape (from Ikea), and I love it. It’s great for me because I sleep on my stomach and the large end of it supports my neck but lets my head lay flat. And if you sleep on your side or back the small end supports your neck properly as well.

I don’t have this exact one, but another contour pillow that’s a similar shape and design. It’s alright as a pillow but not what I expected.

Maybe the gel helps (mine doesn’t have it), but these foam pillows are always harder than you think they will be. Sleeping on it wrong can really hurt. If you have a short neck or narrow shoulders I’d imagine it would be quite uncomfortable when you don’t ‘fit’ into the contours.

I actually find that my pillow works best when I use it a few nights a week and my regular pillow the rest of the time. Not sure what it is, but my upper back aches when I use it all the time. It’s good to have, but you will need to figure out what works best for you with it; it’s not just buy it and all your neck and back pain will go away.

Love to hear any additional personal reviews on this pillow, I am in need of a new one.

A good pillow was the best thing i ever bought. I have an iso cool pillow but this might be comparable.

Didn’t have this exact pillow but I had a couple that were similar.

Despite my skepticism about the “unique shape” they really were quite comfy.

I have ISO Cool from Amazon also, it’s a good memory foam pillow.

Any way to get the height measurement throughout the contours of the pillow? I’m assuming the tallest contour is 5 inches. I’m wondering what the other side contour height is. I have a Tempurpedic neck pillow and it is too high for my neck.

Sorry. We did not get a sample of this pillow as it is being drop shipped directly from the vendor. And, the weekend.

Only thing I’d be nervous about having this pillow is the fact that it is made out of Polyurethane Foam. Don’t wanna breathe any chemical fumes while I’m sleeping @_@

As long as the pillow isn’t on fire, you are completely safe. Polyurethane foam is completely inert, unless you provoke it with heat or chemicals.

The price isn’t great compared to other similar pillows. To make it a great deal they’ll have to take $10 off.

Hi, this is Dan, the vendors rep for this pillow deal. The height of the tallest “peak” is 5", contoured down to a valley of 3", the the next peak of 4". Thank you.

Hey Dan, check out the online price of similar pillows, and drop the price on this one.

We have been using memory foam pillows for a long time. We recently moved and are in a temporary living condition, so we just grabbed a couple regular pillows to use while we are waiting to get all our stuff back out of storage. The point is, that was a huge mistake. After the second day on a regular pillow, we realized just how much we enjoy our memory foam pillows. They are great!

Again, only speaking for myself as others have had positive experiences- I have pretty broad shoulders. This particular pillow just wasn’t a good fit for me.

If other people have had good experiences, that’s awesome, more power to them. I wish it was that easy for me.

Dear Manufacturer,

A 20" wide pillow? Really? You can’t make these in queen length, much less king? I love contour pillows but they look silly inside my king pillowcases on my bed.

I have a similar kind of pillow, but non-gel, and now it’s the only type of pillow I can get a good night’s sleep with. Love mine, this is so tempting to see what the gel is like.

I have had this pillow for exactly 2 days… I LOVE IT so far… Slept great for the first time on the first night… Same with last night… I use it in combination with another soft cell pillow… Man is this comfy…