Gel Memory Foam Pillow - Your Choice

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Gel Memory Foam Pillow - Your Choice
Price: $29.99 - 34.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Aug 05 to Wednesday, Aug 06) + transit
Condition: New


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Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions you have.

There’s no way these pillows cost 160$

How long do these last? More importantly, how long should I keep it? :stuck_out_tongue:

What density memory foam are these?

Two of the three choices are “classic vented cover - standard/jumbo.” Are these just covers? or are they pillows with covers? Just want to be certain of what I would be purchasing.

For the manufacturer rep:
Would you recommend the Contour or the Classic for a side sleeper?

Which would you recommend for a stomach sleeper?

All of the pillows feature a 3.5 pound Gel Memory Foam.

They are Gel Memory foam pillows with covers.

For a side sleeper, I would recommend the contour. Stomach sleeper, I would recommend the classic.

what is the name of the manufacturer. thank you

I want to know this too.

How supportive is 3.5lb foam?
My head is like a brick and I can trade my current cheap-o pillow for sleeping on the bare mattress.

Also how warm does this pillow get?
I don’t want to wake up with sweaty-face.

What is the brand name? Manufacture name?

I have a 3.5 pound density gel memory foam contour pillow from Overstock. It’s cool enough and very supportive. To me, too supportive. I had a pair of 4.5 pound density pillows before, but Overstock doesn’t sell them anymore. They weren’t gel, but weren’t too hot to me, either.

With memory foam, higher density actually means softer and you’ll sink into it further. I just bought a couple 4 and 5 pound density pillows. Should be here within the week. Hope they’re better than what I have.

What is the IFD for these pillows?

For those unwilling to click a link, Wikipedia says:
Indentation force-deflection is a process used in the flexible foam manufacturing industry to assess the “softness” of a sample of foam such as memory foam. To conduct an IFD test, a circular flat indenter with a surface are of 323 square centimeters (50 sq. inches) is pressed against a foam sample usually 100 mm thick and with an area of 500 mm by 500 mm (ASTM standard D3574). The foam sample is first placed on a flat table perforated with holes to allow the passage of air. It is then “warmed up” by being compressed twice to 75% “strain”, and then allowed to recover for six minutes. The force is measured 60 seconds after achieving 25% indentation with the indenter. Lower scores correspond with less firmness; higher scores with greater firmness.

Basically - the IFD is the measurement of how soft the memory foam is. A 10 would mean it takes 10 lbs to indent it to 3/4 of it original thickness, 20 = 20 lbs, etc…

Saw “Jumbo” and thought I’d finally found something that would properly fit my king bed sheet sets. Sadly, still 8" short. (That’s what she said! Hi-ooooo! Tip your bartender, I’m here all week!) Been tough to find any memory foam pillows of that size.

For the manufacturer rep.

I bought a 2" Gel Memory Foam Topper on August 26, 2013 here on home.woot. I have been very happy with it.

Are the Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillows - 2 Pack produced from the same “stuff”?

I notice you have the same username.