Gel & Memory Foam, Toppers & Pillows

The gel memory foam pillow says “Your choice of contoured shaped or classic shaped Gel Memory Foam Pillows” - however, it looks like there’s no dropdown menu, simply the set choice of contour.

Are the classic shaped gel memory foam pillows sold out? If not, how do I choose this? Thanks!

It looks like the separated them into separate sales this time but forgot to tweak the sale. I’ve sent an email in to get it fixed up.

Sorry for the confusion but thank you for pointing it out.

Update: Sale is fixed.

Hi, I am with the manufacturer and will be able to help with questions. There are no classic shape Gel Pillows, only contour. There is a traditional memory foam classic shape pillow available in the deal.

What is the brand on these?

There is no brand on these goods.

what density foam is used for the memory foam mattress toppers?

I spot checked some of the toppers and they all mentioned the density in the features. If one is missing it, point it out and we’ll see what we can find out.

Hi, so can you tell us who you manufacture these for? Thanks!

May the gel toppers be cut? I have a split king bed, so the regular twins are too short to fit.

can you provide a link to reviews for the pillow? I can imagine that low quality foam/gel would be a nightmare to sleep on. Just want to do my homework before buying.

looking at the sizes: is it normal for the topper to be 1-2" short all around? eg:

King mattress is 76x80 the topper here is 75x78, what’s up with that?

I believe that this is so that most fitted sheets will still be able to fit over them.

I sure wish the rep would come back and answer some questions though.

What is the difference between the two gel-memory foam contour pillows?

I bought one of the gel toppers last time they were on woot. By far one of the best investments I have ever spent. for years I would wake up at 2-3 am every day and go get on the couch. that only happens about once per week now. My night sweats are all but cured now as well.

Today I will be buying another one for my daughters bed.

Can a regular-sized fitted sheet fit over the foam toppers without having to resort to a struggling match to pull each end of the sheet to make it fit???

It if fits without wrinkles now then no. Our sheets were over sized and now they fit perfect.

I have heard horror stories of people buying unbranded or unknown brands (other than Tempurpedic of course) and they end up smelling horrible.

So is there any notable smells or is it all rainbows and puppy farts? Also, which type did you buy (eggshell/sculpted or the flat type)?

I purchased a 4in fiber/foam topper 4" Memory Foam Fiber Bed-5 Sizes last time and I believe that it has changed my life a little. Eventually I will buy a gel infused mattress; but this was a great item to test the waters with. Yes, it is the foam model and I said I’d buy gel next time, simply because it is warm (as someone had correctly cautioned) it’s winter now so it’s beneficial. … When I bought it I did wake up sweating… but hey, I don’t toss and turn anymore and I sleep all night with no problems. It also helps my back… I’ve been in the tattoo industry for 10 years, back problems (especially lower back) are the most common issues we have. I sleep great and feel better than when I slept on the mattress alone (it is over my old mattress). Hopefully this helps anyone interested!

Rainbows and puppy farts…RAINBOWS AND PUPPY FARTS!!!

I got the flat gel 2" topper. They do have an odd rubbery type smell for the first few days but it goes away. Some people said they unrolled the topper and let it air out before using but I didn’t.