Gemalto 4GB USB Flash Drive w/20GB Free Online Storage Woot Info Post wasting money made easy!

Gemalto 4GB USB Flash Drive w/20GB Free Online Storage [New] - $5.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Gemalto HWP117540A 4GB USB Flash Drive, 1 * 20 GB of Online Services FREE through YuuWaa® for 6 Months

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I know I’ve seen this before, but again I would like to know what the read/write speeds are for this drive…

… and when the 6 months have passed. What would the online storage bill be?

Gemalto? Sounds like a delicious frozen Italian dessert. Also, why would you need 5 times the storage capacity of the device online?

Half the Price on Woot than on Amazon for a general 4GB USB Flash Drive.

I suspect it’s fat dog, belly dragging on the ground slow.

I always assume that on these older thumb drives.

We would be lucky if it’s Class 4, but I suspect it’s Class 2.

After the trial, prices are as follows:

1 Month: $2.86
6 Months: $17.19
1 Year + 2 months free: $28.66
2 Years + 5 months free: $54.44

Ok, got it. Here’s the price list

So… One year of storage is about 20 euros, or $25 USD… Remember, your bank may also charge you for currency conversion!!!

Doesn’t seem too attractive to me… After all, just 20G is just not going to be enough… Paying $5/month for iDrive equals $60 a year for 150G… Much better deal per gigabyte and they charge in local currency so no conversions or rate fluctuation surprises!

Oh, and the stick itself… I prefer the brands I know and trust, like Kingston…

Ah, ok, they have dollar prices… but they seem to be more than current exchange rate anyway…

Not bad…wouldn’t use the online storage; if you start using it and become dependent on it, not good, since you can get free storage elsewhere.

However…bought some hp 4gb for 7.99 recently, and while slow, they’re fast enough for my use.

Read the foraneous manual.

This would be a good deal, without that ridiculous YuuWaa nonsense.

You can take your “six months of FREE” service and shove it, I ain’t shopping here no more!

This drive is pre-formatted in FAT32, so there really is no need to format to NTFS since it only has a 4GB capacity.

Some Statistics

In for three so that with shipping works out to $7 per each drive, which is not bad for 4GB.

Moreover, those lanyards with a quick release clip are about $5 in stores. I wear one of those with a small thumb drive around my neck.

I keep my Roboform Password program on it, which contains the log in for each site that requires log in (such as Woot). Since 2003 I have accumulated about 1200 log ins!

I also have Roboform Safe Notes on the chip, those include all my account numbers, etc. for banking, insurance policies, etc.

All of the above is encrypted.

And finally I keep my address book and copies of any projects I am working on.

Currently I have an 8GB thumb drive that looks like a dog tag, made by Dane-Elec.

It’s all waterproof and I even shower with it. It never leaves my neck, not even when my GF is riding the baloney pony.

awesome, I’m in for 2

If I store movies online can I access them from my Playstation 3?

Free Storage … where?

Those are certainly disappointing transfer speeds… however, the drive is worth the price – minus the cost of shipping, of course…