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Gemalto 4GB USB Flash Drive w/20GB Free Storage [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Gemalto HWP117540A 4GB USB Flash Drive

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Better off just buying the Woot item as it’s $18 shipped for 8GB versus $14 shipped for 8GB.

Any idea what the read/write speed is on this drive?..

Do not use the online service. Plenty of these fly by night services have folded. If you insist on using storage use (professional grade). Or Mozy if you don’t care so much (consumer grade).

These people are subsidizing USB sticks (or just selling them) to advertise an online storage product that is done better by others. Not a good business plan.

Worst of all, you have to transfer your data to Europe. Why would you pay for your information to be stored in a place where you don’t have the rights of a citizen and where it’s slower?

Hmm, oddly enough, the Gemalto site has a .pdf manual right here which actually shows the YuuWaa item (like the picture).

Just like woot! and sellout.woot! are brothers, so apparently are Gemalto and YuuWaa!

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Huh. Looks just like the YuuWaa on woot.

Here is a review of the drives.

I wonder if this will work with the Xbox360?

The online storage is only free for the first 6 months.

So after your 6 months of free online access, what is the subscription price to continue?

As with the 8GB one on, shipping kills the deal (unless you’re buying three)…and even more so here on the 4GB. For these tiny items, Woot! should come up with a tiny shipping price since they’ll fit in an envelope.

On top of that, the “free” online data storage is only free for six months. And then there’s the lack of a speed rating, so you don’t know if this should be selling for $4 or $12.

I love you, Woot…but this deal is weak.

The subscription fees on their site are not listed in dollars. The only options are Euros or Pounds.

The UK has different privacy laws, so I don’t know if I would trust this.

EDIT: Apparently this company is French

I agree with the business of shipping cost. They could just slam the thing in one of those bubble-wrap envelops and ship it to us for a couple bucks easy. 8 bucks isn’t quite worth it here… especially when I could buy one at Fry’s for about the same price.

If for these tiny items, Woot comes up with a tiny shipping price…Then when you buy 3 HUGE items like (3) Dyson Vacuum Cleaners that ship for only 5 bucks, or (3) 52" Plasma TVs that also ship for a measley $5, should Woot come up with a HUGE shipping price? No one ever mentions that! Come on buddy (or buddyette)! You gotta take the good with the bad!!

Not so. Most online vendors have multiple shipping options, Woot should be no different. Even eBay auctioneers have more (cheaper) options than this. I’ve lost count of how many Woots I’ve passed up over $5. It’s stupid.

No, because then the shipping price is rolled into the price of the item. Instead of selling the Dyson for $200, they sell it for $220 and still claim to ship it for $5. They’re making plenty of profit on the big items, it’s the cheap and very small ones where the business model doesn’t really work.

Look, if you get a USB drive and use it for transporting files, make sure you back it up regularly to your hard drive using either Free File Sync or Microsoft SyncToy. To be fair, these are Windows-based solutions, and there are similar solutions for other software platforms. At least they are free and you don’t look silly if you lose the drive or it stops working.

(Yes, I speak from experience. My Patriot Dash drive stopped working w/o explanation last Friday. Only lost ONE non-essential file due to backups.)

In reality it takes very nearly the exact same human labor and fuel/energy use to ship a Flash drive versus, say, anything short of a computer case. There is a certain minimum base expense involved in shipping ANYTHING, regardless of its size. It’s not unreasonable that Woot charges $5, as much as we’re selfish enough to hate it.

In a word… Not good.
Average Write speed of 4.4 MB/s
Average Read speed of 19.2 MB/s


This is an item that is designed to just hook the user on the “its protected in the cloud” mentality. Not the “Hey this drive is zippy and useful”.

Several of the reviews point out the interface is wanting. European data privacy laws are MUCH different than what you might expect.

As always YMMV

^ doesn’t “get” woot.