Gemalto 4GB USB Flash Drive w/20GB Free Storage Woot Info Post - just say no to Roombas!

Gemalto 4GB USB Flash Drive w/20GB Free Storage [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Gemalto HWP117540A 4GB USB Flash Drive

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they use these at my votes registration office so they must be “good enough for government work”…lol

I need speed, please… what are the realistic transfer speeds of this drive?..

It’s crap. It comes preloaded with this software for backing up your data, but when I tried to format the thing to use it as a plain flash drive it would no longer work on most computers, including my own. I couldn’t access any files; it sometimes wouldn’t even show up in My Computer. Plus, the online storage is just 6 months. You’re better off using Drop Box

Can you use the online storage just like the jumpdrive? Or does it just add up and you can’t use it anymore?

Tiger reviews indicate that it works. about a 4.8 rating, not many raters.

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Gemalto Website

some statistics

if you need speed go to newegg and get patriot xporter rage has 25 mb/s write and 27 mb/s read great stuff

Something’s fishy here… why would you need 5 times the storage capacity of this thing online? Can I just use the drive without the “free” online storage?

Maybe if you wanted to store files online, but you can use the drive without it. The storage is only free for 6 months. I think I might bite this time around and I probably won’t ever go to their website and just format the drive to get rid of the software.

I want 3 of these for my 3 Docstars I got about 1 month ago!

Anyone have any performance info?

Review at The Inquirer

NightGhost is on top of his researching tonight. I guess all the practice during the wootoff made him faster. GO NightGhost GO!

I just deleted the preloaded software and mine works fine. I agree with you about the 6 months of storage, I’ve never used it.

Simply because it’s “rather oddly named” is:

In short:

“Despite its infelicities, the YuuWaa could find a market as an easy fallback for people who work out of a USB drive, plugging their files into whichever machine they happen to be working on.”

However, this rating may, or may not, influence the final judgment of:

Deal, or No Deal?..

Even if you don’t want/trust the online storage you really can’t beat the price for the 4GB Flashdrive.