Gemalto 4GB USB Flash Drive w/20GB Free Storage

If the read speed is about 20MB/sec, I am happy. In for 3. Will use them with my 3 Dockstars for booting Linux. The Docstars are cool. Booting 1 with a 1GB stick and it is almost full.

I got three last time. I just use them as simple thumb drives, without the free storage cr@p. Also, the lanyards are great for Sansa Clips and other MP3 players, small digital cameras, etc.

This was my first woot! :slight_smile:

Little disappointed to hear that the write speeds are subpar.

But my old POS 2GB flashdrive failed awhile ago and I’ve been looking for a cheap replacement.

While most 4GB flashdrives are about 12-20 these days, Plus the fact the flashdrive is a pretty blue color and comes with a lanyard, i didn’t feel bad about spending 4.99 shipped. :slight_smile:

Sorry Woot - I refuse to pay $2+ in tax… if tax is less than a buck I’ll think about it, but until the WA tax BS gets fixed, nothing over $10 for three w/shipping.

Uh… then I guess you’re done with Woot. has it for 9.99 with free shipping

not much of a woot

Experienced Wooters buy 3 of anything cheap. Do the math for 3 of these. $30 at Buy, $20 at Woot. $10 is a nice savings if you can use 3.

Im in for 3-for 19.99 for 3-4gb Flash drives
Skip the online storage just a good price for these.I will try one and hey if I dont like it lets talk CHEAP gifts to everyone but my Amish Friends-


fair enough

For those of you who…like me…weren’t sure if you should get excited about the lanyard that this comes with. Prepare yourselves for the exhilaration of the day. Via Google definition…“A lanyard is a rope or cord often worn around the neck or wrist to carry something. Usually it is used where there is a risk of losing the object or to ensure it is visible at all times.” WOOT, WOOT, WOOT!!!

I disagree. Most gov’t agencies and installations no longer allow the use of ‘removeable media’ (e.g. thumbdrives).

So in conclusion…these are NOT good enough for gov’t work.

As the item page says, this comes with 6 months of free online storage. How much will it cost if you wish to continue or upgrade the service?

Here’s a press release from Gemalto announcing the launch of YuuWaa online storage.

And here are the rates for their storage plans (don’t forget to click to see the rates in US dollars).

Well, a lot of those regulations were implemented fairly recently, and they were formulated for reasons of security, not quality.

These were $5.99 last month at the Woot sites.

Just picked-up 3 @ $4.99 (and got free shipping online coupon) - not bad deal!

The software program and auto-sync feature is pretty good, too - if you have use of such an application.

They also make great chew toys - just ask my dog!

So I am replacing my old 1 GB I bought about 5 yrs ago. They were the hot new item and a real steal at just $99! With my $5 coupon I just got mine $4.99. Hmmm…if only I could wait when a new technology comes out…

Won’t take the coupon code, would’ve been a good deal, but I can’t bring myself to spend 5 bucks more than I should have to.

Try emailing

Awesome woot! I had a coupon code that made this an even better deal. I got two of them. Thanks Woot!

I actually want to know about the online storage it would be nice to have a place to store at least 8.5gigs so I could easily access OS installs and such.

Did the free trial of the online storage and it is not what I thought it would be but, it would work. It will only let you store stuff online that is on the flash drive you can’t just drag and drop stuff to the online storage.

I would not use this for online storage solution though I tried it with a spare flash drive I have sitting around I put 993mb on it and it would’ve taken 30 hours to transfer it to the online storage. Using a p2p connection from my work to home computer I can do a gig in a couple hours. So this is really not a viable business solution.