Gemini 300 Watt Twin Outlet Power Inverter



$12.99 + $5 shipping

1 Gemini 300 Watt Twin Outlet Power Inverter G71163


I’ve been waiting for one of thesE!


Can this run my laptop?


Still using my vector from woot! not a problem so far. Paid much less.


I’m in for one - been needing one for the laptop anywho, cool!


Mmmmm, power inverters. Great for tailgating.


Looks more useful than the 80 watt unit from 2 weeks ago. There should be less worries about it powering most laptops.


Errr… How long could a standard car battery drive 300 Watts for?


Great Price, too bad I already have a 400 watt inverter


So tempting. I’d love to use my laptop in my car. My wallet keeps slapping me on the wrist though.


I used to have one of these. But unfortunately it died a miserable death. One day I plugged it in and it made a horrible screaming sound and smoked. I now use a inverter from costco. But this was good while it lasted.


These do not work well.

I got 2 of these and they were worthless. Both no longer work and I only used them a couple times.

They are also loud. Until they finally die.


I wooted something that looked like this, but made by targus, i think. works well, powers a laptop, no complaints.

one thing to watch out for: if you connect this to a cigarette lighter port, you will be limited to about 120 watts because most cars have a 10A fuse in that port. 12V*10A=120W

Still more than enough for laptops, maybe not enough for, say, a power drill or a hairdryer.


ThingFling had these a while back for almost double the price - GREAT WOOT!


Depends on the health of the battery and the standby time of it. If it has a rating of 80 minutes, that means it can put out 20 amps for 80 minutes before getting low. 300 full watts at 90% inverter efficiency is about 30 amps, so a conservative estimate would be about half of the standby capacity of your battery. If it’s 80 minutes, you can probably get about 40 minutes at FULL 300 watt load.


Thanks Woot, just when I put the last 2 extra inverters I bought from sellout on Ebay, <groan>

hey this thing looks like it’d take a nice chunk outta yer head in an accident though, eh? Not like that smooth rounded edged Philips Power Inverter on EBay (wink wink) ;>


I can only see good usage from this. Even if I only use my laptop twice in the car it will have paid for itself. I am in for 1… or more…


Wouldn’t that be Capricorn?


Would this be able to power a small TV and a XBOX 360?