Gemini Equipment

Who’s out there droppin’ beats, and do you have any samples to share? :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t there be two of everything? Gemini means twins.

The photos for the UF-1264M look like the item comes with a HEADSET/LAVALIER which according to Gemini’s website is actually the UF-1264HL model. So which one is it?

efforting to find an answer for you on that. stay tuned.

i am told we are selling the “M,” and it should come with a handheld mic.

these are the words that were told to me.

if you purchase and for whatever reason things are all wrong, plz to be emailing and they’ll get it straightened out.

16 hours and still the same wrong picture…people are gonna be pissed.

Pissed isn’t even enough description here…the one Woot is selling isn’t even a turntable!!! I’m so glad I check on it on Amazon and saw what it actually is–which is not what I was looking for at all.
This is a HUGE faux-pas.

Cancer and Gemini aren’t really compatible. Anyone named Leo would do well with Gemini.