Gemini Professional Audio Gear

Between this and the instruments that were on sellout, you could start your own indie band.

Who’s your favorite local band? And for those who have been in their own band, will these get the job done?

I have no idea what the dual media player, recorder thingy is for but I must have one…

Agreed. I’m new to DJ equipment. Anyone have any thoughts on the Gemini FIRSTMIX DJ Software Controller? Is it decent for A first timer or would you go with something else? Also, what is the Gemini CDJ-250 Tabletop CD Player? How do you mix with that? How is it different from the controller?

I think I still have my fruity loops subscription which I haven’t touched in years. Anyone know what would integrate with that in terms of hardware for a noooob?

The DJ controller has everything you need to get started out of the box, maybe minus headphones. It will let you mix your mp3s and has a basic pitch control (how fast the songs are playing), and a basic EQ with treble and bass. It would be a cheap way to jump in to DJing, although you would most likely want to upgrade your equipment later.

The tabletop CD player is just that, a CD player. It allows you to scratch and pitch bend but you won’t be able to mix unless you have two and a mixer. It is more expensive, but these are closer to what most clubs and DJs are using.

As far as using fruityloops with this, its possible but you will probably have your hands full learning to beatmatch and whatnot. You could patch it in through a channel in a mixer though.

The firstmixDJ controller is a toy… In every single aspect. Yes it is cheap, a cheap toy.

I know the price is tempting, and I always hate when equipment snobs say to “save and get real gear”… but in this case I understand. Unless you are like 12 and wanna mix bieber music, stay away.

I have owned many controllers from Hercules, M-audio, Vestax, and Native Instruments, they are all better than above. Find a good DJ forum for hardware advice.

The table top CD player would require two units and a mixer and output from mixer can go straight to AUDIO equipment(without PC-depending on mixer)… controllers are all in one units that control software and music on a pc, and sound is sent from PC to AUDIO equipment.

Never used FL software, sorry cant help.

Sweet! Thanks! Sounds like this controller is a cheap way to learn mixing. I’ve only ever used software to “mix,” and really it’s just a hobby and playing around and whatnot. But finally adding hardware to the game has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I think this controller sold out last time so I should quit procrastinating…

Oh. Dang. Hmmmm…

any reviews about the powered speaker?

This is all I found:

Disagree! Not a toy. Certainly not something that you would use to play at a paid gig but suitable for house parties. I used its predecessor over the weekend with an old amp and speakers and we had a great time. It does the job plain and simple. The whole package can play MP3’s, analyze BPM, crossfade, bass/treble control and if you are feeling frisky “scratch”.
I bought this to see if I wanted to pursue this hobby and while the allure of better hardware is tempting the price tags are daunting. This is a great starting point and basic DJ learning.
The price here is decent. I bought mine from sellout for $45.

Now I’m officially back to thinking about it.


Ahh, I just bought a powered speaker on Amazon, I wish I would have seen this sooner! Please continue to put DJ equipment on here, I will buy CD turntables at some point (its very hard to find dubstep to feed my Stanton str8-80s), thanks Woot!

The DJX-05 headphones are hilariously uncomfortable. Even if they had decent sound quality, they still wouldn’t be worth any price, in my opinion, as they are basically unwearable.

In for one M3+. I have a Zoom H1 that works great but now I’ll have another option. Good video review:

Anything you buy from Gemini will leave you wanting to upgrade in about 12 minutes.
You can do MUCH better buying used. SO many people fail at being DJ’s and many of them have nice equipment for sale.

I have a buddy that DJ’s using two of the Gemini CDJ-250’s, a PS3-USB (as his mixer), and some kind of sample pad. Then he uses the firstmix software, seems pretty straight-forward from what I’ve seen

Calling any of this “Professional Audio Gear” is a stretch. That being said, if you just want to mess around or try your hand at it, this may be the way to go and if you dig it, you can always purchase professional gear later.

Does anyone know anything about the portable PA system?

I’m a vocalist and pianist. I have a Roland Lucina, and I’ve been considering using it to busk in the subway and see what kind of tips I can pick up, but needing a power outlet for a the speaker or amp has been an issue.

The iPod dock is useless to me, but it seems like the speaker itself might be a good portable solution for my keytar plus microphone.

FIRSTMIX USB DJ controller:

Company website says

Not cool

I bought a Gemini “power conditioner” a few years back (on eBay). When I tested it, I found it was wired backwards – the hot lead was wired to neutral and vice versa. Using it would have ruined my gear. I opened it up to try to fix it, but it was made so cheaply, from such crappy components, all I could do was throw the whole thing in the trash. I’d expect similar results from their other gear.