Gemmy Airblown® Runaway Ghost Scene

**Item: **Gemmy Airblown? Runaway Ghost Scene
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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i work at a seasonal Halloween store, and we sell this item. Even with my employee discount, it’s cheaper here on woot.

Two perfect reviews over at

The Gemmy air ornaments or whatever they’re called normally start at $99. This is a really good price. In for one!

I may have to get this to go with the “Pumpkin and Ghost” I got a number of years ago.

I bought one of these a couple of years ago. This is a great price, and I’d buy this one if I didn’t already have one. Cheap inflatables don’t even last through the season, but this one is still going strong. I plan on using it again this season.

It’s Halloween Pac-Man! Now that is cool.


This thing is so much bigger than it looks, over 4 feet tall! So cool.

In for one! Good reviews over at Spirit Halloween as well:

Today I finally realized that my love of both Pac-man and Halloween is not strong enough to overcome my hatred of lawn inflatables, which are pretty much the tackiest thing in the history of the known universe.

You read my mind!

It’s ok for indoor use too. Could be quite the conversation starter in your living room.

Because everyone needs more monstrous blown up crap, in their front yard.

Then you see people who literally fill their whole yard with them. Makes me want to get a sharp object.

That’s what she said.

Too bad I’m out of town for Halloween this year. I may just get it anyway and save it for next year…

I sent my mother a link and was all “omggmogmgmogmg” and she said “oh that’s cute! but blow-up crap in your yard is very…trashy”

So I decided against buying it…'cause I don’t want my mama thinking I’m trashy and what not.