Gemmy Airblown Christmas Inflatables

Tuna Fishing Santa???

Q. How do you measure inflatable Christmas decorations?

A. With a tackyometer.

Ho ho ho!

How do you celebrate the birth of your God?

With wacky waving inflatable arm Jesus.

The sponge bob is 3 feet high, thatll look miniature in my yard lol, itll look like a little stuffed animal

Hopefully this company improved on the popcorn/snow globe thing but if not and you live in a high snow/rain area be ready for the internal white material to stick. I gave up after having to dig them out all the time from the day’s snow.

Santa is whacking penguins?

I guess ice melt at the North Pole has finally forced Santa to relocate his workshop to the south pole.

Here’s the problem with all of these…If you buy one today, woot! will drop the prices in a few weeks…I’d love to get a couple of these, but I don’t want to get burned on the price in a couple of weeks.

Happened to me as well with the Halloween ones,but if I would have waited for the later sale I might not having gotten them in time for Halloween.Still a good price compared to Amazon on these though.Purchased a couple of the cheaper ones now and gonna wait it out on more expensive ones.

Uhhhh… I don’t think it’s Jesus that’s waving. That would be Mickey Mouse or Santa Claus. Some people see no difference, I suppose.

Still, I just can’t see having a large inflatable ‘Nativity scene with baby Jesus’ in my yard for my celebration of the birth of Jesus. Maybe a tinch tacky?

One of our neighbors always has one of these on their roof, and within hours, the thing has fallen over. Maybe they fill them up with too much eggnog?

Wait, you’re saying prices of seasonal items are higher during (or just before) the season they’re designed for?! Mind blown!
Why not just wait and buy them for next year if you’re so sure they’ll be cheaper and still available. Everyone knows you can buy winter coats cheaper during the summer, but a good selection is hard to come by in the off-season. Good luck!

I was going to put this on the second floor balcony of my house, but, heh, TOO TALL! So I put it on my first floor balcony and the top of the head reaches the bottom of the second floor balcony! Luckily the first floor balcony is protruded out more, so enough head room. I’ll post a picture. THIS THING IS HUGE!!! (regular santa holding gift)

pictures are up!

from across the street

up close