Gems In Motion

I watched the video and I could not tell… Do these REALLY move on their own, or does the whole necklace have to be moving a slightly?
I doubt they really move on their own since that would require battery or solar power of some kind…at the very least a winding mechanism and I don’t see that in the pictures.

I’m being told that yes indeed, just like you thought- they do have to move a little to get started, but apparently it doesn’t take much and they continue moving for a while after.

The slightest movement will make the stone move. There is no battery, solar power etc. It is a patented way of of setting the stone.

Description states sterling silver and platinum plated. What type of metal for chain? pendant?

I’ve heard this Japanese company has patented this new jewelry technology, and it’s highly successful in Asia and the Middle East.

The chain is sterling silver with platinum plating as well.