Generac Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer

Generac Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer
Price: $149.99
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Condition: New


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You got questions? Generac has the answers and tons of solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at amazon

At first glance I thought that this is a super price for a new pressure washer. I then checked to make sure it was not refurbished…and it’s not, it’s new. Then I saw that term which put me on guard…RESIDENTIAL GRADE. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds to me like a disclaimer. It’s like they’re saying, it’s okay for you if you use it around the house but the rest of you guys should buy our regular grade.

I’m going to do a bit of research tomorrow (too tired tonight) and if I can’t find any dirt, I’ll buy one.

Is this 2-cycle? It’s hard to find any info on the engine, other than people having occasional spark plug\ignition issues.

Since it isn’t CARB compliant I think it may be 2-cycle, which would be a deal breaker.

This is not a 2 cycle, it’s a 196cc 4 cycle and I think it’s a Honda clone (could be wrong about that). I have one of these engines on another machine and it runs well.

Nice, thanks!

Nice deal. Same washer sells for $279 at Home Depot.

I have the 3100PSI version that I bought from Lowe’s at a big discount a little while back.

Almost always starts on the first pull, works very well.

As commented on by another here, the engine has many similarities to the Honda… appears to be another one of these clone motors. From what I’ve seen of motors like this… it’s the next best thing to a real one. I’d almost rather have a Chonda engine than a genuine B&S.

I bought the 3100 psi last year from Menards and paid around $300. It came with a few more nozzles and 2 containers mounted underneath for soaps. I have only used it a half a dozen times but it’s a good unit.

The one listed here comes with a nozzle for soap but there are no containers for using soap so there must be an option to buy the soap dispensers separately.

Hmmm I really need one with the dispenser.

According to Pressure Washers Direct, this one comes with a siphon tube for cleaning chemicals.

There is a is a hose that you can put into a bucket and it will pull the soap in.

Was going to pull the trigger on this (pun intended) until I noticed…no onboard detergent tank. Total deal breaker.

Sure, it’s got a siphon hose and a soap tip, but what the heck good is that? Am I supposed to lug around my container of soap separately everywhere I go? Pffft…

Generac does manage to include detergent tanks on their other two residential models (2800 and 3100 psi versions).

So why not on this model? That’s just foolish.

Be sure this is the one for your needs… Generac’s “How To Choose” page helped me a lot.

It is listed as “OHV” (overhead valve) and OHV engines are all four cycle. California doesn’t like anything with a carb, or maybe the color clashes. Who knows, it’s California! That said, I don’t know how good the engine is, but I ordered one…

Thanks! Was on the fence till I took a look at that page, looks like I’ll need to hold out for the 3100 psi model.

Onboard soap dispensor useless. After 20 years experience first soap usually not necessary. Second apply soap with bucket and brush when needed. Spray on soap only works at lowest pressure nozzle and cleans nothing. High pressure water only does 99.999 percent of the cleaning.

And when you do need a soap dispenser the onboard ones are too small anyway. I normally use a 1 gallon milk jug, even with the pressure washers I own that have a soap dispenser.