General Poolishness

The float thermometer is a good way to learn Celcius!

A little Help here??? the description clearly says it measures in Farenheit, but the pic is obviously Celsius. Can we get a ruling from the judges please??

It seems the picture is of a thermometer that measures in celsius however the one person who received it on Amazon said it measures in Farenheit.

Came here to say this! For the majority of the year, my pool is between 90-100, I’d like to know how high the numbers go up to on the Fahrenheit version? I tried a Google Image Search with no luck.

Professional pool guy here. Just wanted to mention that the “vinyl” vacuum head should only be used in vinyl above ground pools! In ground pumps are too powerful for it and will wear the brushes down in no time. Conversely, do not use the wheeled vacuum heads in a vinyl pool unless you want to replace a ripped liner.
Also, the cartridge cleaning sprayer is borderline useless. Any garden hose with a high pressure flat sprayer is best. I use an “ultimate water blaster” from Lowe’s. I clean about ten filters a week, and it’s the bee’s knees after trying a dozen or so different units over the years.

Thanks for the recommendation on the ultimate water blaster. I’ve been looking for a reason not to ditch my cartridge filter system and this may be it.

Looking at the flexible vacuum heads, I’ve had my pool for 4 seasons. This year I am suddenly having problems with the vaccuum head sealing itself to the plaster bottom (too much suction) I’ve already bent one pole as I wrestle with it hastily to avoid blowing my filter grids. Is the current vaccuum head worn out (unknown vintage could be up to 15 years old)? The pressure in the filter is the same as previous years. Nothing else has been replaced this season.

I’m wondering if I shouldn’t snatch one of these?