General Tools ToolSmart Bluetooth Multimeter

General Tools ToolSmart Bluetooth Multimeter

Maybe I’m dense but why do you need a bluetooth meter when you are looking at the screen… wtf?

I also wondered about that. I looked and found this description under the features tab, perhaps it’ll help:
•Pair with your phone as a second screen for visibility in dark environments and to simplify two person jobs; ETL certified safe for CAT III 600V use
•Quickly save your multimeter readings to the ToolSmart app on your phone and organize your findings by project to increase your productivity

Well, you are right that it seems silly as in the 2nd picture: a guy using the meter and having his phone next to it. But the importance of this feature is in monitoring something and collecting data while leaving the meter hooked-up for measurements.

Honestly i haven’t used this feature yet but I hope to play with it soon. Bought one last week and thinking of getting one more. Definitely a good deal. Also comes with temperature measurement probe so you can monitor HVAC systems, etc.

I can see uses for remote measuring. I wonder if the meter will time out and shut down in that mode. I would like it to stay on until manually shut off.