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Buying a computer for a college-bound student is a big investment. What are you looking for?


which one would you guys say is the best value for general purpose use?


I would say the HP with the intel i7 processor is a great deal. 6gb memory with a 750gb hd and 2 usb 3.0 / 2.0. One downside I see is no bluetooth D:


Hard to say… they’re all gigantic. None of which would be particularly easy to throw into a backpack and take places.

So unless this thing will spend 90% of the time sitting on a desk, i would skip these.


thanks. bluetooth not a deal killer. its actually a replacement laptop for a friend. he might prefer the lower cost options. which of the ones in the $400 range do you like?


The toshiba’s with the i3 processors are decent. But take a look at this before you decide to seal the deal:

I’ve never owned a Toshiba so I can’t really comment…


hp ranks 3rd in that list. are the tosh specs much better?

yeah, the big screen is a plus for him.


I’m looking into getting a gaming laptop does anyone know how capable any of these would run newer games with no issue???


I used one on these monster screen laptops (Toshiba 17.3) for quite awhile and came to love the screen size. I got quite used to carrying it around and find that my current one (15.4) just seems small now. A backpack designed for a large laptop does a good job of distributing the weight with plenty of room for other school or work essentials.

A desktop computer can be eliminated in many circumstances with one of these.


Toshiba’s are crap, in my experience. If you want one of these, buy the HP.


Ditto! Where can I get one that will play the newest Skyrim. I mean, If I completely forget to load anything else on it.


None of these laptops are designed for gaming. I bet they could only play games that were developed until 2008. If you really want a gaming laptop then go look for MSI/Asus brands. Shouldn’t be hard to find them in online retailers, just pick one that suits your budget.


+1 to this. Most newer games require a 2.3 ghz or better dual core CPU to run at medium settings. 4 core can actually process more information, faster, but the ghz is what game designers look for these days. If you were going to be doing video or photo editing, then 4 cores and 6 to 8 megs of ram would work fine, but for gaming, these are a no go, especially since the video on these laptops is processed thru the motherboard, greatly limiting how fast the graphics is processed.


Would this be good for rendering xbox game play from a hdpvr? Also would this play Minecraft?


I want this laptop for my study. how do I get it?

thank you.


I see that you are outside the US. I’m sorry but only shirt.woot ships outside the US.


Is this a factory refurbished or just going to be a big gamble?


most of this info is false, you seem somewhat misinformed.

these are not “gaming” laptops and you would be better off getting a sager for example, but they will run something like skyrim on pretty high settings. basically it would work for all games now, but towards the end of 4 years from now it might have a bit of trouble with the newest games.

most modern games support 4 cores and ghz is not what matters - more cores clocked lower would be better than less cores clocked higher. 6-8 gigs (and its gigs not megs) of ram works just fine - more is obviously better and more future proof.

and the graphics are not from the motherboard…
the hp has a Radeon HD 6520G which isnt the best card right now, but it easily beats my high end card from 3 years ago and i play all games with pretty high settings (usually the only thing i cant turn up is anti aliasing past 2x)


Thank you for your knowledge!! When will this ship?