Generic Vintage Summer Shirt

Amazingly pretty for a generic shirt! Nice job, Vo maria! :slight_smile:

Generic maybe but I just had flash backs to several spring breaks and summer vacations. Many, many great memories were dressed in this shirt. Thanks Vo Maria!

I think I bought one of these in '82.

This is the Jan Hammer of shirts!

This shirt is Radical and/or Gnarly.

And the Vangelis of underpants!

(Also, first time posting: WOO!)

Great idea. In for one!

Also great writeup!

Thanks, Woot! This is awesome!

Fun print vo maria!
Agree on the write up – really top notch.

I LOVE this shirt. I just wish it wasn’t on black!

D’aw… Thanks.

The artwork was so inspiring, I couldn’t help but compile a montage to match.

When did the shirt brands changes again? It’s a little misleading to say a shirt is made in the USA, if it could also be made in one of 3 other countries.

That being said, pretty cool design though…

I love the colours, congrats :blush:

I Just noticed it’s on navy :grinning:

Read all about it here.

We had no choice as American Apparel went bankrupt.

It looks like it came straight out of my tshirt drawer in 1984 or 1985. I would have sworn I had an OP or Hobie tshirt that matched it exactly. Actually I probably I had both and they were purchased at Miller’s Outpost. I had almost forgotten there was a time when preteens wore shirts that didn’t say Nike.

Pretty bummed they ran out of tanks so quickly. Would have loved to order one of those.

Non-tee items are typically only available on the debut day.

There’s always the option of plan B: scissors.