Generowl Von Hootte



I wish we had a close up image, the line work and detail on the owl that gives it the some-what painted and etched look is pretty awesome.


I called it, if only to myself. I just knew we would be seeing this one today :slight_smile:


The colors, children! The colors!


As I examine the design, I feel like the owl has me firmly in its crosshairs: this owl has its eyes on me. Very interesting color palate, especially adjacent to/in concordance with the slate. It almost appears to be an etching - drawn with Callot’s échoppe? - except for those eyes, their intensity burning through the computer screen.

Very interesting design, Helgram; congratulations on the print! And very interesting choice, Ocho!


Those eyes freak me out. Does he have a concussion or something? Or maybe he’s just freaky like David Bowie.


Exquisite art work! I want this on the back of a jacket similar to the owl’s! If only woot did very fancy printings every now and then.


Helgram’s style, instantly recognisable. Full of color, detail and win.

Amazing shirt.


Love this shirt! Get ready for people staring at your chest waiting for the bird to blink.


Ladies,now is a chance to buy a shirt that stares back!


Congrats helgram! Great pick ochopika!


Amazing artwork! Congrats, Helgram!


The shirt is great! In for mine. But the copywriter is from Texas, not Winnipeg. Either the temp hovered around zero OR the snowfall added moisture. Both are not possible concurrently. Wet snow is only within 3 or 4 degrees of 32° F. Ask any owl.


Glad to see this one. Echoing all the “amazing” + “great” comments. If I didn’t already have a collection (parliment?) of owl shirts started, this would do it.


Before I knew that I’d be the editor this week I thought “If I were the guest editor I’d pick THAT one!”

The illustration is beautiful and expressive. The owl’s asymmetric eyes make his character mysterious and his posture and expression says a lot. The fiery orange/red in his eyes and on his feathers gives the design lots of depth and ties the composition together. I also really like the leaf in his hat… I dunno I just do.

He’s just a really charismatic owl and I don’t mind if he gets a lot of stares while I’m wearing this one, lol.


Thanks for the kind words, everyone. And a very special thanks to you, Ochopika!

Anybody interested in a higher-res image of the design can Click Here.


I’ll keep it short. This shirt is MASSIVELY AWESOME. I just came here after buying a shirt and I didn’t even think twice. I never buy two shirts in one day. That says something. This shirt is amazing. Reminds me of a few before this over the years, I couldn’t pass it up. There short as I could make this groveling post. I am groveling.

I just wanted to note that owls have independent pupils, meaning they can react independently to light. So it was not out of the ordinary to portray this in the design, which I thought was a nice realistic touch for sure!


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Ok so when we had the costume shirts and a shirt in the top didnt place everyone is up in arms, why not now?
This was not one of the highest voted shirt, it was not a top design so why not complain this time.
Personally I don’t care for this type of design and wouldnt wear it. I am unhappy that again we strayed away from what the majority of wooters wanted, to please a small section and allowed one person to dictate who gets printed. I think that its great to have a guest judge but they should have to stick to the top designs chosen. For all we know they could just be friends with the artist and pick them because they know each other. If we are gonna vote, please make them count for something!


I think it’s a neat shirt; it’s just not for me. There’s no question here about artwork quality or derby appropriateness or how many you would buy to make the joke “work”. The restrained use of color is very well-done.

I have no interest in weighing in on the nesting doll shirt “thing”, but I think this is a pretty solid shirt. Numbers aren’t great, but I can’t find fault with the design. I’m not forking over $12, but I also wouldn’t be disappointed with it as a random.