Genesis Designs " Beverly" Office Chair

I read Beverly Office Chair and immediately started searching for a hidden link. What have you done to my brain Woot?

ROFL. That’s hilarious.

Bought this chair and the quality of the materials looks great overall; however, the shipment arrived missing all of the parts related to the arms (missing the arm pieces and all of the hardware that is associated with the arms). Spoke with Woot! Customer Service about this a week ago, but haven’t heard anything back from Woot! or manufacturer since then.

Never had an issue with Woot! shipments before - is it typical to take this long to resolve when an issue arises?

No, response is usually within 24 hours, often faster.

Did you check your spam folders?

Also, did you contact Genesis, the manufacturer? It’s likely they’ll have the pieces to send you.

—Thanks for the tip, amigo. No messages in spam folders, so don’t know what happened there. I reached out to the manufacturer today (a bit difficult to find them) and was told that they’d take care of it quickly. We’ll see how that goes. Thanks again!

YAY! That’ll be a faster solution most likely. We can only do a return in cases like that as we don’t have the parts.