Genesis Designs Executive High Back Office Chair

$199 on Amazon with four star rating and over 50 reviews. Tempting!!!

Why not, in for one.

Question to the vendor - what is “LeatherPlus” ? Is this a bonded material?

edit - It’s bonded fake “leather” (polyurethane) material which will quickly de-bond.

WTF is leather plus? Cut the BS. It’s either made from dead animal skins or don’t use the word leather in the name. Pretty simple. Makes you wonder where else they are trying to fake you out.

I buy chairs for the office just like this on eBay and Amazon,. Never paid more than $100

My dad and I both bought this chair from Sam’s Club and they both lean to the right a little. Otherwise comfy and the fake leather hasn’t come off in over a year.

Hi there! Genesis does not sell their chair to Sams Club. I believe you may have purchased a chair from another brand.

Leather plus is a common term for bonded leather.

in for 3. hope these are worth it!

Anyone know the website address for the company that makes this chair? Lots of different models and prices floating around - from $499.99 reg on Amazon (now for $199.99 on sale to $299.99 reg on Staples (now for $99.99 on sale -

They seem to be the same chair…

This chair is at Staples for $99.00. Don’t buy here!

Didn’t find this chair at Staples, but they had this one:
-just under 1 million?

The chair that is on Staples is a different chair.

The chair on Staples has the same model number as the one on Amazon. There is no model number on this one. What is the difference?

ANY of these using “bonded leather” are junk.

Worth $89 and not a penny more.

Almost impossible to find a real leather chair and even the one I bought at Costco advertised as leather was junk and fell apart in a year.

Impossible to get a good chair for this price and the “list” price is “puffing”.

Waste of money!

The heart wants what it wants, and the butt wants what it wants too… If your butt wants this chair, now is the time to get it!

** Because we just lowered the price to $89.99**

Anyone who purchased this chair at the previous price will also be getting money back. Yay! Hearts and butts rejoice!!

I have had this chair for about a year. I just put it on the curb for someone to “enjoy” it. I found the chair uncomfortable for working in front of a computer. Also, the material on one of the arms started flaking off.

I would not recommend this chair.

Obviously, it’s NOT a common term. Most of us had no idea what the description was talking about.

This chair has only been on the market for six months. If you had any issues with it it’s still under warranty. Can it be you are confusing this brand with another one?