Geneva Sound Systems

So these are true stereo then? Doesnt look like youd get much seperation

See this video and the Geneva site for more information. Note that these versions feature the older 30-pin system, however this can probably overcome with an adapter, and certainly by the aux in feature. Hope this helps.

I have been an audio enthusiast for over 30 years. Read all the mags, blogs, go to the shows - never heard of this outfit and I have heard of some pretty obscure manufacturers. Where did these folks come from - are they an Amazon house brand (Sam’s choice - perhaps)?

I too am an audio enthusiast and Geneva isn’t a brand you would have heard of if you are into esoteric component stereo equipment. Rather, Geneva began making things like this for the iPod era.

They represent the still ongoing attempt to make amazing sounding devices in a convenient, all-in-one cabinet. Is it better than components? Probably not compared to what you are looking it.

However, it provides convenience, some degree of portability, and sound that far, far exceeds the typical dock. If you look at the specs, you can see these have built-in amps that provide substantial power, and the speaker quality is high.

The Swiss are somewhat known for making top quality studio monitors and this reflects that heritage I think. Maybe that’s why one of their promo videos carries the endorsement of a producer who works at Electric Lady Studios in NY.

In my opinion, this is a good deal if you are picky about sound quality and you want the convenience of an all-in-one dock system. In other words, it suits audiophile standards and outperforms the main competitors in this space — namely Bose.

On the downside, the new models have wireless capability. Current dock mounts. And there are other competitors you would want to look at. Sonos for example as a whole house option and I have heard a nice dock from B&W.

Bottom line, this is not in the category you are used to. It’s a great sounding dock, beautifully designed and made for those looking for superior sound in a somewhat compact package. It’s not going to compete with your $3000 tower speakers and $4000 amp and preamp ensemble.

Hope this helps.

I own the newer model in the small. The small one is pretty small but I do get some separation from it when I sit right in front of it.

280 for the medium is a steal. The new medium is $600 everywhere. If you are okay using AUX in then you are golden. I paid $300 for the small because I wanted bluetooth.

They are incredibly well made, the finish is awesome and they sound great. I don’t regret the purchase at all.

30 pin and no Bluetooth?

These were obsolete two years ago.

Thus the discount. Bluetooth and other streaming services such as Pandora results in inferior sound quality (although some services and devices can stream up to 320 kbps mp3s which is high enough), so if quality matters to you (and it should if you buy these models) you might want to be connected directly anyway via the dock or the aux inputs. I believe there are also adapters you could buy and attach that may give you this ability. (Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver or the Belkin Song Stream Bluetooth Music Receiver for example, Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter as well) It’s awkward and potentially messes up the design if it works, but it saves money.

Some of the interfaces here may be older, however, the input options make these docks still very useful and the sound is superior.

If you want to pay double, feel free to enjoy built-in Bluetooth and lightning connections…which will one day also be “obsolete.”

Your point is correct, that the input and lack of wireless connectivity is a weakness, however consider the substantial upside:

  1. the price/value
  2. the usefulness (with mini-jack input and RCA I think in some cases)
  3. the quality of the electronics which are most certainly not obsolete

Just a thought for those considering these.

Is there a free version where they would just blast advertising out once in a while?

$1K for a refurbished iPod dock?

Okay, look…no. Just…no.

The word “audiophile” should never be used to describe a system meant to (only) play back compressed MP3 files from a mediocre at best digital system. You can put as much lipstick on that pig as you want. Outfit it with the highest quality internal components, use the rarest tube amplifiers, hell, dip the thing in 24k gold and bedazzle it with diamonds and unicorn dust, it’s not going to change the fact that when you throw the highest quality MP3 file into a frequency analyzer, anything higher than like 15k just gets shaved right off.

Please, I implore you, don’t waste your money on this snake oil. This is even more of a wasteful purchase than buying a Bose system. Take one afternoon out of your life and just do a little bit of reading. For $1000, you can build a VERY nice “audiophile” grade stereo system.

I really don’t get this. I’ve been working professionally with audio for about a decade now, and anyone who even remotely considers themselves an audiophile or anything even close to it should NOT be one to prefer lousy MP3s, Apple products with terrible DACs, or $1000 systems to listen to lousy MP3s on an Apple device with a terrible DAC.

Like, the same kind of people that would buy a $300 subwoofer cable would buy this. Don’t be a sucker. Please?