Geneva Sound Systems

Because when you already have everything else… you still don’t have a refurbished $1000 ipod dock.

that uses an obsolete docking station.

$1K for a refurbished iPod dock?

Okay, look…no. Just…no.

The word “audiophile” should never be used to describe a system meant to (only) play back compressed MP3 files from a mediocre at best digital system. You can put as much lipstick on that pig as you want. Outfit it with the highest quality internal components, use the rarest tube amplifiers, hell, dip the thing in 24k gold and bedazzle it with diamonds and unicorn dust, it’s not going to change the fact that when you throw the highest quality MP3 file into a frequency analyzer, anything higher than like 15k just gets shaved right off.

Please, I implore you, don’t waste your money on this snake oil. This is even more of a wasteful purchase than buying a Bose system. Take one afternoon out of your life and just do a little bit of reading. For $1000, you can build a VERY nice “audiophile” grade stereo system.

I really don’t get this. I’ve been working professionally with audio for about a decade now, and anyone who even remotely considers themselves an audiophile or anything even close to it should NOT be one to prefer lousy MP3s, Apple products with terrible DACs, or $1000 systems to listen to lousy MP3s on an Apple device with a terrible DAC.

Like, the same kind of people that would buy a $300 subwoofer cable would buy this. Don’t be a sucker. Please?

TIme for me to once again ride in and mount some kind of defense here.

FIrst, to all commenters, good points. You all have valid things to say which anyone looking at these should consider.

  1. Old interface with 30 pin
  2. Expensive
  3. Not that audiophile really

On the 30 pin thing. If you have an older Ipod sitting around, this isn’t that important. For the trouble of putting up with this, they have cut the price roughly in half. For me, that’s a fair trade. You also have many options with these docks for other inputs. Line-in and sometimes really old school CDs. So there’s an easy way around the input issue if it’s an issue.

On the expensive thing. Yes, the big one is expensive. It’s an all in one unit with amps and speakers built in. The others aren’t that expensive and you get a good sounding piece of equipment that will be useful for many people looking for a compact way to play music without filling the room with ugly components.

Which brings us to the audiophile thing. Is this a top of the line audiophile product? No. Does it simply play inferior MP3s. No. That’s just wrong. You can play aiff, wav, and apple’s lossless format if you prefer. You can also play through your own DAC through one of the other inputs. I plan on using it with my Pono when it comes in (through the line in input). Will it take full advantage of that input? No. But it will not be as bad as outlined above. You will get the full range of uncompressed audio if that’s what you want.

But I can say the depth of sound isn’t that great. Pretty solid but not great. You truly can do better buying components with some research. However, those audiophile approved component alternatives are bulky and space eating. For me, form and convenience matters. These look good and sound good. But not stunningly great. They do the job in a good way and they ask good money for that.

Do you need this? That’s up to you. Make up your own mind. All sides have good points.