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I inquire about Model S (Red) that I bought.

is there nothing to contain stand??

I couldn’t even notice the fact.

Sorry for the late reply.

You should have received some iPod/iPhone Universal Dock adapters to help keep your iPod/iPhone in place on the dock.

If you’re missing an accessory from your purchase, please email and let them know. They should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you have about your purchase.

I want to know if model s(red) contains “table stand”.

As far as I know, new one includes it. How about this factory reconditioned one??

According to the Specs tab within the sale, it does NOT include any table stands.

Anyone who has purchased Geneva products knows that it’s all about the sound. I have a Geneva XL walnut and a Geneva M system (both through Woot) I love them both. The XL is simply awesome. I trust the brand and know that this unit will provide me with a lot of listening pleasure. I really appreciate the dedication to quality. These prices are awesome-get one.

No Bluetooth …Not compatible with iphone 5 …over 900 dollars …Nope

FYI-has an input jack, hence, compatible with almost anything. Bluetooth units may seem convenient but a lot of sound quality is lost in translation. The price is more than reasonable for what you are getting. This unit retails now for $2300. You get the Bluetooth but otherwise the unit is identical. This system is not to be compared to some surround sound garbage you can get for $199. It’s in a whole other class. Can understand the reluctance but I went with it and have no regrets. Replaced a Klipsch system. No comparison.

How do you lose quality over bluetooth? It’s digital. I bet you bought a Monster brand HDMI cable for $120 because you were told they make HD look better than the $3 cable.

The amount of quality lost via bluetooth is negligible and you won’t notice it with your human ears.

stop with your facts. you’ll confuse people.

Hi there. the refurbished Model S does come with the tabletop stand at no extra cost. All accessories are included.

Geneva Lab

Cables vs. digital throughput is apples and oranges.

A2DP Bluetooth is limited to about 320kbps so if your files are ripped to that level or lower, then Bluetooth won’t make a difference. If you’ve got higher-rate or lossless files then the signal will have to be compressed to use bluetooth. Whether or not a difference is heard will depend on a lot of things, not least of which the physiology of the listener.

But to imply that “it’s digital, it doesn’t make a difference” is naive. I’m with you 100% on the cables but we’re talking about bandwidth compression here. The difference is easier to experience with video and a better analogy is data rates and Netflix. Sure it’s all digital but I wouldn’t want to use Bluetooth’s 320kbps to stream a movie.