Geneva Sound Systems

That is all…

The XL is $1800 new. A friend has the L and it doesn’t sound bad for the money. It won’t replace a dedicated hi-fi, but for an all-in-one unit these are quite good.

The Model M is $450-$550 new (depending on how shady of a vendor you want to go to), so $280 refurb isn’t a bad deal at all.

Always have to laugh when people think something is a good deal simple because it is priced well below MSRP. MSRP means nothing.

Are these Models Bluetooth?

I don’t really have as much against someone spending this much on something like that as it might seem.

Having said that, I generally believe there has to be a point at which the sound quality can’t get $700 better than a good $250 Sony/Panasonic/what have you. The only exception I’ve ever made to that has been Bose. I have to admit their systems are a whole different animal that the average, comparable sound systems.

So now, having said that (and having said, “having said that” twice) I’ll say, if these Geneva Sound Systems do take sound to that next level like Bose does, maybe they are worth it.