Geneva WorldRadio Travel Bluetooth HiFi System

Let me get this right. This advertises all the frequency bands that we CAN’T get, because I can pay my cellphone company to get them for me, and then bluetooth them to this FM radio?


That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is this just a bluetooth speaker that also receives FM channels? Can it pull FM channels that are hard to reach?

Hey-Bought 2 of these last go-round. I already have a Geneva XL in walnut that I got on Woot which is totally brilliant, and a Geneva M system which, for the price (thanks Woot), is also excellent. I bought these radios because this company has a real dedication to quality. It’s evident as soon as you use it. Solid, great sound, 5 hours on a charge, Good FM sensitivity and the most up-to-date bluetooth system that provides great performance with minimal sound loss, adds up to a bargain in my eyes. I understand the questions about the WorldRadio name and the absence of a shortwave band. In some ways, asking about this in the year 2014 is like asking where the cassette player is. Internet radio is available on most phones and can be blue toothed to the unit without difficulty. I know there is a hardcore group of people who want to be able to listen to the static-filled KGB band. (“Boris-I think I saw squirrel and moose”) For me, this unit has what I need. I am very satisfied. BTW, some folks are asking how they will find a replacement battery for the unit after the existing battery dies after 1000 charges. Well, the battery is made by Sony-not some fly-by-night battery company in a village called Battery in China. They usually make their products available to consumers.

Despite the quality build, is this still not just an FM Bluetooth receiver with a “full range” speaker? I somehow feel that after looking at some of the other Geneva products, they are well-built yet highly overpriced items, following in the same line as Bose products. They both are marketing companies first and manufacturers second. Take common items, price control them, limit their availability, and market them as vastly superior to all others and you are left with Geneva, Bose, and others. The fact that they are well-built notwithstanding, all man-made products could and should be but are not. But you are still left with a simple FM radio with a $3 “full range” speaker inside. Getting what you pay for is sometimes a subjective ideal.

I hear what you are saying and acknowledge that indeed, this is " just an FM Bluetooth receiver with a “full range” speaker" That being said, it does what it says it does well. While I fully agree with your perspective on Bose and the marketing first, quality second, I don’t think that is the
case with Geneva. They didn’t market enough, and wound up on Woot as a result. I think it was my good luck to find them and buy them through Woot. I paid a grand for the XL unit and it retails for $2300. I am a doctor by day but my passion is music and I have been playing guitar for 50 years. (classic rock) I am a critical listener and don’t usually buy into the hype. I would recommend the XL to anyone, especially at that price. I think Geneva is the real deal and besides the technology, you get magnificent design. Form and function-what more could you want. The radio follows in the same template. I understand the critics but after having bought it and listened to it, I can honestly say I like it.

I know this is old-school, but I’d buy this if it had an AM antenna. I’d love to get one for my elderly parents who listen to local radio (FM and AM transponders)… but no AM - no buy. :frowning:

And plus it’s a “world radio” that can’t actually receive shortwave? Thanks, but I’ll just hold on to my Grundig G5.

Yah…nix to the AM dial = no go for me. Bills are only on AM at the Stadium in sync with the play by play!