Genie 1/2 HPc Chain Garage Door Opener

I bought one of the belt drive units from Woot a while back. I have 8’ doors, and the drive was for 7’ doors. I had a hard time locating the 1’ extension kit which cost about 1/2 as much as the drive unit.
Other than that, the drive works fine.

How does Woot know my garage door opener broke yesterday?? Feeling paranoid now.

I have an older chain-style garage door opening system that requires those 2 huge springs on the sides…I am pretty sure my Garage door also weighs more than 500lbs as it has the door and Aluminum framer reinforcements…

What is a good replacement for this type of system?? I know it isn’t this…just seeking an opinion.

And…on this Memorial Day…Most Genie openers are Made In The USA! Other brands are from mexico, and sometimes you will find a lower-end Genie from there, as well.
So…support our troops…buy a Genie!

It is this. I have a double door which weights over 700lbs. Those huge springs you speak about are what make openers like this able to lift your door. I have this opener, bought from Woot.

I have a genie 1/2 hp chain drive that the motor is dying on … can
I just bolt this motor up to the existing chain drive and save a bunch of hassle???

Can this unit replace a screw-drive type door opener?