Genie QuietLift Belt Drive Garage Door Opener



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I can’t find an Amazon link to the exact model number. This looks like the closest thing to it.


I had my vasectomy done at Sears. Now when I have sex with my wife, the garage door goes up.


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Screw drives are better than belt or chain drives, although they now tend to feature a plastic screw gear that mangles and breaks easily. So I guess this isn’t terrible.


I think the anniversary is the 12th of July.


Uhm, day early? Wiki Page


well, you guys complained about computers, flat screens, Roombas, and Dysons enough…now you get a Garage door opener!


i live on the 5th floor of a 25 story building with no garage… but im still gonna get it to piss off my neighbor who wont sleep with me :slight_smile:


Is it hard to change out an existing one? Mine is 21 years old and might need an upgrade!


Great timing! My garage door opener died 2 weeks ago.


Here’s the extension kit for doors that are 8’ high.


Bought 2 of similar model from Woot in 2009, they are still running quiet, smooth and reliable.


Perfect timing - I’m in for 2


Never, never, never again will I buy a Genie.

For a while they had something called Trac Drive, where the door was pulled open or pushed closed by a tough plastic strip that was spooled in and out of a coiled housing inside the opener. The track itself was aluminum, but the strip pushing the door was plastic, and the housing shell that it wound into and out of was plastic.

One month after the warranty expired, the housing burst open inside the opener while it was running, spewing the plastic strip all over the inside of the opener and destroying it.

I called a local garage door serviceman, and explained the problem over the phone. He told me this: “Well, I’m a Genie licensed dealer, and I don’t want to lose my franchise. So there’s a lot of things I can’t really say to you. For instance, I can’t tell you that the Trac Drive is a really unreliable design. And I can’t tell you they all do that eventually. And I can’t tell you that you were lucky it worked as long as it did. I can’t tell you any of those things.” I thanked him for the information, went out and bought a Chamberlain opener to replace the Genie.

I wrote a nastygram to Genie about it, quoting the glurge promise of the owners manual about “Many years of reliable service” and alluding to what the serviceman had said (or not said) about the actual quality, carefully not referring to him by name. I didn’t expect an answer, and they didn’t actually send a reply, but some weeks later a new opener (screw drive design) just showed up on my doorstep by UPS. No note, or anything. That was nice of them, but I still don’t trust their quality after that experience, and I had already installed the Chamberlain by that time, so I sold the replacement Genie.

Since then I have always bought Chamberlain (or Craftsman, which Chamberlain makes for Sears), and I have never had a lick of trouble with them.


It’d be cool if they have something like this for normal doors! lols


I’d like to know this as well. I’m no Bob Vila by any stretch of the imagination. More like a Tim Allen (in Home Improvement), except that I KNOW I’m not good with tools.


Garage door is nice. I have no garage. I was hoping for a $200 32" HDTV. :slight_smile:

Oh! Also check out these key fobs to open your new Genie!


Will this open double size garage doors?


Here’s a wikiHow article on what to look for in a garage door opener.

For example, it’s a big plus that this opener is a belt drive because those are generally the quietest and most expensive.
They also warn that “Some belts can wear out, though, and need replacement.”