Genie QuietLift Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

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Genie QuietLift Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I find this deal uplifting.

Is this a good deal?

Will this work in my carport?

Big Fan of belt drives, however at this price the Craftsman with the battery back up and 3/4 HP motor is worth a look.

I have to go open my garage door i am pretty sure it is the door rolling metal to metal on the track that makes allot of noise

A Previous Woot!

This seems like a great deal and I am looking forward to reading what people who know what they are talking about with these things weigh in. We have a small two car garage we use for storage only so if I get this, it will see less use than your average garage. Our garage door is brand new, a cheap aluminum piece Home Depot had on sale. This might very well be the ticket for us.

If I can find a review that confirms this as being really quiet I might be in for one. Cause it’s easier to come home drunk through a quiet garage door than trying to make a loud drunken entry through a locked front door fiddle with keys. Well I mean it’ll make my life easier with the wifey. I just want to pass out and not argue if you know what I mean.

People still buy houses? Let alone be able to afford garage door lifts?

Product website:

At $129, I first thought that it was a very expensive car vacuum – most likely made by Dyson! :slight_smile:


i purchased this last time they had it on woot. It took me 5 hours to install it by myself. It works awesome. This is probably one of my best purchases recentl. Not because the price… I think the price is good, but not great. It’s just awesome having a garage door opener. The garage door opener is super quiet. It’s actually quieter then when I open it manually. However, it’s kind of slow.

I’m buying a house. 1500 sq. Ft. on .57 acre lot for $55,000

People still have garages?

Can multiple of these be hooked up to onegarage door opener?

Now that was funny. Give the guy another quality post! I really did think it was a car vacuum to, then I realized it is something I might actually buy!

Almost no reviews are available. Amazon has one 4-star review from a very recent buyer (Aug 16th), where it’s being sold for $189.