Genie QuietLift Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

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Genie QuietLift Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Seriously Woot?

How many times must I stare at this item…?

This makes me sad. I don’t have a garage. :frowning:

I don’t even have a car, much less a garage to put said nonexistent car in.

You know, people, if you just add “Of Death” to the name of anything, it’ll sell a lot faster, because it sounds cooler.

“Genie QuietLift Belt Drive Garage Door Opener OF DEATH.”

See what I’m sayin’?

actually a decent garage door opener compared to the chain drive ones…can’t hear it when my roommate comes home

This made me ROFL. Almost. :slight_smile:

Aw, where’s the loot, Woot?

SORELY tempted by this, but my garage is a VERY low-ceilinged affair, built under my house (a ramp leads down into it, and it connects to my basement) in 1913. I have a rolling door in there already, but I don’t think I can get one of these motorized door-lifts to work in such a tight space as the door barely misses the ceiling by a few inches, anyway.

Plus there’s the thrill of something this huge and unwieldy being shipped to my home for only five bucks.

$60 cheaper than Amazon, where it has a good review.

Only one Amazon review. But it does come with a 10 year warranty.

If it aint a Genie, it aint S*^T (poo-poo), great garage door opener. Or you can use it as a window opener in your house with a little modification… get 3 you will need them.

How many innovative ways could we use these … I bet there are some good ones

aha, yeah, this needed, especially if you live in an apartment

What’s next, a sprinkler system, or maybe a lawn mower? Thanks woot, for making me feel so unaccomplished…

Let’s hope it is one of their “only 1 left” items…

guess theres no point to stay up for the woot-off this garage door thing will probably still be here tomorrow

Great, a garage door opener. I was on this site ALL DAY - work, school, driving; my friends bet me I couldn’t buy a BOC, and I took them up on it.

I bought a random shirt last week and it STILL hasn’t been delivered… I have the tracking number, but my order disappeared from my account recently. The “secretly determines if you get into heaven” bit pisses me off too.

TLDR; I’m never using woot again. Stupid products, bad prices, everything is refurbished. I’ll be on Slickdeals if you need me.