Genius Gourmet Keto Bars, 2 Pack (24 Bars)

Genius Gourmet Keto Bars, 2 Pack (24 Bars)

1.67ish each which is about the price of normal protein bars bought in bulk, but each bar is only 1oz, which is half the size of normal protein bars, so kind of expensive per each.

12 pack on Amazon is $19.99, the same price per bar for chocolate dream.

Also pretty high calories, compared to the protein content. In the bars I eat, I get double the protein for only 70 more calories.

For keto, you want high fat and only moderate protein intake. So this bar seems about right to me for a keto based diet snack. I get in discussions all the time with my wife about this as she is not doing keto, but is doing a high protein, low carb diet. If you are not doing keto and not trying to keep your body in a ketogenic state, then you probably do not need to spend you money on these. This is solely my opinion and could be wrong.

Love the peanut butter ones! Have not seen them at this price. Netrition was my go-to place for cheapest but there they are 27/box. Expensive but I eat Keto and these are a treat.