Genius PenSketch 6x8 USB Graphic Tablet



looks cool. anybody got a review? has anybody used one of these bad boys before?


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Genius PenSketch 6x8 USB Graphic Tablet
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Genius PenSketch 6x8 8" x 6" Active Area USB Graphic Tablet for Professional Designers


i got links… check useful linkage for the comparison links… turns out to be a solid woot… definitely… so don’t trip.


i have 2 of these… great deal


have one, great for photoshop, crap, stayed up for this, oh well, least i can play in the c.a.v.e.


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Genius PenSketch 6x8 USB Graphic Tablet
$99.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Genius PenSketch 6x8 8" x 6" Active Area USB Graphic Tablet for Professional Designers


Is this compatible with all adobe and macromedia software?


Anyone with Carpal Tunnel or Tendenitis, this is great!

I own a WACOM.
This will save your wrist!


Anyone have one of these? How do they compare to Wacoms?


pretty neat item. A little expensive though.



how big, or small is the point on this thing?

I personally like using ultra fine (0.5mm) pens or less, will this give me that level of detail?


Those are actually pretty usable. Just got a FREE one off freecycle a couple of weeks ago.


How do these compare to WACOM products?


I think its $144.00on amazon, so great deal, just not for me.


you can set your level of detail


tempting… my boyfriend would definately want this, but I’m all wooted out :frowning: No $$…


This looks co-ol, but the only thing I can draw is flies…I’m happy about getting my 3 c r a p’s in a bag and my 12 t-shirts though!


Go Wacom. Period.

The tablet would be fantastic and great for its price, if it weren’t for a single detail: right-clicks and middle-clicks often produce an additional false left-click. This gets annoying very fast and interferes with your work a lot. Get a Wacom instead – it’s more expensive, but you get a far better designed product that DOESN’T need batteries.


any one knows how this brand fares up with Wacom? can you use this as a serious tablet for serious work? or is it pos?